Turning 35: A Birthday Iftar Celebration and Some Reflections

My 35th Birthday Iftar at Tesoro Dubai
My 35th Birthday Iftar at Tesoro Dubai


This year, my friends and I chose a Peruvian restaurant for our Birthday Iftar celebration. My friend’s husband’s birthday is on the 16th of July. My birthday falls on the 15th of the same month. So we’ve been doing a one day celebration with our groups of friends for the past two years.

Tesoro is a fine dining Peruvian concept located at the new Taj Hotel Dubai. The place has a very eclectic and modern feel to it. It’s also very spacious with a huge terrace overlooking the Burj Khalifah.

Thankfully, everyone had a great time and loved the tasty creations by the Chefs at Tesoro.

So, another year has passed. I’m 35, single and still looking for a suitable job or paid internship in Dubai.

I’m grateful for the good friends that I have in this magical city, and those who shared my special day with me.

I’m also blessed for being able to constantly learn new things and new ways to develop and grow – both professionally and personally.

I’m thankful for the experiences that I had and that I continue to have. Like doing random activities, meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures, and discovering something new along the way.

What’s my plan for future days?

Honestly, I think it’s time for me to be more self-involved and self-centered. Nothing can be more disappointing to a diva than investing time and energy into projects or people and not getting similar vibes in return.

Some people like to put their self-interests first, set their own rules, and then expect others to entertain them. Well, I can publicly declare that I’m not Mother Teresa and that I never will be!

When I give someone my time, it’s because I genuinely want to. But I also have realistic expectations to be treated in the same way!

Basically, it’s now time for me to focus more on my career and personal life. I need to eventually land a full-time role that I enjoy doing. I also need to find a loving and supportive partner.

As for this blog – a project that has been so exciting to work on, and very close to my heart. It was an honest representation of my life, my struggles, my dreams and aspirations.

The time for this website to end is getting near. But I have plans to start another blog with a different niche. You can stay updated with my news and new blog news by following me on social media:

Facebook Page



Instagram: nadaalghowainim


Update: New Blog is now Live!

Here’s the link for my new blog:

Saudi Diva Blog


I’m very active on Twitter and Instagram these days. So make sure to follow me to stay in touch with my news.

Being 35 and single means that I have the strength and independence to make significant life decisions.

It also makes for a good time to reflect on those life decisions and possibly rethink my priorities.


The Rebellious Saudi Diva XXX


Lovely Birthday Iftar at Tesoro Dubai
Lovely Birthday Iftar at Tesoro Dubai


A dual Birthday Celebration with genuine Dubai people
A dual Birthday Celebration with genuine Dubai people


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Undefined Declarations’ List: Top 10 Things I like about being a Blogger


Blogging from Cafes becomes a lifestyle for most bloggers
Blogging from Cafes becomes a lifestyle for most bloggers


My previous Top 10 List was about being raised by parents from the Gulf region. I come from a moderately conservative family. We are not liberal, but we’re also not extremely conservative or religious. Here’s a link for that post if you missed it.

Today’s list includes the top 10 things that I like about being a blogger. I started this blog in September 2012 to showcase my writing to potential employers. Now, it’s more of a hobby and sometimes feels like a full-time role!

I present to you the top reasons that keep me hooked to writing blog posts:

  1. I can work from almost any location that I feel like working from. Writing blog posts can be done from the comfort of my bed, a cafe across the road, or even from the beach if I had the time and luxury of carrying around a laptop, and a beach bag full of beach essentials.

    Jumeirah Mosque view at this Starbucks Middle East location
    Jumeirah Mosque view at this Starbucks Middle East location
  2. I can write posts at any time of the day. On most days, I have a couple of things to get done. So, blogging is something that might not come at the top of my priority list. That’s when I can write in the evenings – when most people are watching TV, reading, socializing, or out having dinner or drinks. This point can be a disadvantage to blogging too. But that will be discussed in another post 🙂
  3. I get to do creative work, that I choose myself, without any supervision or editing from another party. Unlike working for a publishing house and adhering to certain rules and regulations, blogging gives the writer the freedom of expression and writing within their personal set of rules and limitations.
  4. I get invited to review restaurant meals, spa treatments and other cool stuff. When I first started the blog, I was reviewing these things anyway, because I enjoyed it. After some time of hard work, the blog gained more followers and I started to get invites to review meals, and other stuff. The only issue these days is that, with my University course work, I don’t have the same free time I used to have when I first started the blog. That’s why, I don’t write as many reviews as I used to in the past.
  5. Being a blogger means that I’m considered as a media person. This grants me access to events as press. It also allows me to network with other media professionals, and others from the media industry.
  6. One thing that I really like about blogging is meeting other bloggers. Whether they are based in the same city, or on another continent, it’s always great to meet like-minded people. Most bloggers share many traits in common; they are interesting, determined and curious individuals. We love to learn new things, and we are pretty good in taking action.

    What I just Love the Blog and I catching up over lunch
    What I just Love the Blog and I catching up over lunch
  7. Blogging allows me to share my thoughts, experiences, views and ideas with my readers. It makes me so ecstatic to hear that a reader found my post insightful, or that they learned so many things from it. It equally brightens my day when someone tells me that what I wrote resonates with their own experience very strongly.
  8. I love that blogging has helped me practice – and hopefully – improve my writing skills. I think most of all, it gave me the confidence that I needed to keep writing. It helped me stay focused on my goal of becoming a better writer and journalist.
  9. It helped me build on my social and networking skills. I started to attend all kinds of events when I started this blog. This was mainly to meet new people and to generate blog content. It was very exciting to meet people from different backgrounds and industries. At that time, I was mixing with people from the fashion, arts, food or media industries. That fitted well with the blog concept, as I was writing a lifestyle blog that covered all these topics. Nowadays, I still enjoy attending random events. But due to my time constraints, I have to be more selective with the events that I choose to attend. Of course once I’m done with my course, I should be able to attend more events and network with people from various communities.
  10. Being a blogger who doesn’t outsource anything to another party means that you need a set of multiple skills. I truly enjoy being the following:
  • The editor who comes up with the idea for the post.
  • The photographer who takes the pictures for the post.
  • The writer and editor who writes and then edits the words and images.
  • The marketing and PR person who promotes the blog.
  • The social media person who promotes the blog and the posts on social media.
  • The communications person who attends events and tells people about the blog.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit who constantly goes through ups and downs, but never gives up.

As you can see, blogging is a very fun and engaging way to communicate with others and express your feelings and thoughts through words. I love hearing positive feedback as much as I love hearing critical remarks. So feel free to leave a comment or not 🙂

The next post will be a list of the things that I don’t like about being a blogger. So stay tuned for that!

Till then, Have a wonderful weekend ahead. No matter how you choose to spend it!



Coffee breaks are more fun when blogging is involved :)
Coffee breaks are more fun when blogging is involved 🙂

Interview with LCF Senior Business Manager

LCF Art of Dress Exhibition in Dubai
LCF Art of Dress Exhibition in Dubai

I must start by apologizing for not writing in a while. Basically, I was on a break from my University course and I was trying to make the most out of my free time.

Apart from catching up on much-needed sleep and not doing much really, I managed to make a few trips to the beach – like three trips I think! I don’t know about you, but the Dubai winter has made me feel very sluggish and all I felt like doing was stay in bed and sleep! I’ve been feeling tired most of the time too. I think it could be the result of the accumulated stress that I went through in the past term. It’s for the better though, now I can add more skills to my CV – like short video production and editing.

Talking about video editing, you might have viewed my video on the LCF event that was held in Dubai in November. Oh how I miss London and that college! I still plan to go back to finish a course that I started there in 2009 and take another course. Yes, I am a woman on a mission!

If you haven’t seen that video yet, you can find it here.

Today I’m sharing with you my full interview with Senior Business Manager at LCF, Linda Roberts. In the interview, I ask Linda about the Art of Dress Exhibition and her views on the fashion education scene in Dubai and the Middle East. Here’s a video for the full interview that I conducted with Linda Roberts from LCF:


LCF will be back with their short courses program in Dubai this February. For a complete list of the courses on offer, visit their short courses in Dubai page:

LCF Short Courses in Dubai


Stay tuned for my second interview – with Head of LCF and Pro Vice-Chancellor for the University of Arts London, Professor Frances Corner.


Happy New Year X


Random Post: Planning versus Improvising



I must admit, I have a crazy obsession with lists. I make lists for everything; from to-do lists for the next day’s tasks, to grocery/random shopping lists, to future plans lists. My uncontrollable compulsive obsession with lists even gets me writing lists for the topics that I want to discuss with the people that I meet! sometimes these people are ones who I meet for the first time for business, but many times, they’re just friends who I’m catching up with over lunch or coffee!

I’ve always been super organized, and overly systematic in my thoughts, my plans and my life in general. Now while this may not necessarily be a bad thing, or anything to be worried about, the conflict that I face when dealing with others who don’t follow the same pattern of thinking or lifestyle was my main inspiration to write this post.

Anyone who lives in Dubai knows that it’s a melting pot of different ethnic groups, religions and nationalities. Each with their own set of values, cultures and lifestyles. This strong multi-cultured kaleidoscope obviously has its advantages and challenges. It’s always interesting and insightful to learn about other backgrounds and cultures, to hear stories from different voices and nationalities, and to connect with others who share your triumphs or successes.

At the same time, dealing with people from multiple parts of the world can be challenging and draining at times. Some of the differences between cultures can cause serious conflict between individuals, and lead to immense stress and misunderstandings. The value of time and planning are one of the main concepts of clashes between people from different cultures and backgrounds.

While some of us might be punctual to the minute when it comes to time, others may not think it’s a big deal if they showed up 20 or 30 minutes late to an appointment or a meeting. Planning is another one. While I like to plan the next day’s tasks well in advance, and arrange any meetings with people accordingly, those individuals who I’m meeting with may not have given that appointment much consideration and will therefore end up cancelling at the last minute, because they found out that they had other “commitments” and so won’t be able to make it.

For someone who occasionally plans their casual conversations with friends and family, I find it difficult to understand people who act so spontaneously and who make their plans up as they go about their lives. Not only do I don’t get them, I also try my best to avoid meeting them or working with them, resort to distancing myself from them, and sadly, I also loose most of my respect for them.

I’m not saying that relying on your wits and doing things randomly is a no-no at all times. Sometimes, being spontaneous leads to fun experiences, gets you to explore new things, and even brings the things that you need the most your way!

This is why, I think a balance between planning and improvisation is the best way to go. You shouldn’t be totally against going with the flow, as you never know where that might take you. Making room for spontaneity is essential in keeping our lives rich and vibrant, away from boring routines and monotonous activities and lifestyles. So, despite not being totally against being spontaneous, I am a firm believer in planning and setting daily goals for yourself.

I always wonder how non-planners know when they’ve reached a specific goal that they have set for themselves? Or do they not bother with setting goals and working towards them in the first place?

In my opinion, the only way that you can progress and improve yourself and your life is by setting definite goals, working towards them, and then changing them along the way. Not sure how that works for people who don’t like to make plans. I tend to set all types of goals for myself; personal, career, financial. And in the end, they are all connected to make up who you are and what kind of life you are – will be – living.

I always aim big, then lower my goals according to reality. I set very high standards – sometimes unrealistic or unachievable – and then work my way towards them. Until I either reach those exact goals, others that are close, or decide on new goals and work towards those.

OK, for the sake of not wanting this post to turn into a self-help book (article in this case), I will end my post by asking you to tell me what type of person do you consider yourself to be – an avid planner or someone who likes to be creative and make things up as they go along? Do you mostly rely on your instincts and just do what feels right for that moment in time? or do you have endless to-do lists and planner books filled with daily tasks, and plans for next year’s summer holiday maybe?

I would love to hear your views on this 🙂


The Rebellious Saudi Diva xxx

Personal Post: My 34th B-Day!

Nada from Undefined Declarations
Nada from Undefined Declarations


I have to admit something: originally, this post was going to be yet another rant about being single! This time, with my 34th Birthday celebration party in the background. But something happened that made me change my mind about how to write this post…

Well, I have received countless e-mails, Facebook messages, what’s app chat messages, blog comments and face-to-face conversations opposing and disagreeing  my constant whining about being single!

The most recent one being a comment on my Where is He?! post – where I talk about how I feel about the subject – that I saw as soon as I logged in to my account to write this post!  Obviously this is a clear sign that I shouldn’t be talking about this topic anymore! What all the comments, e-mails, messages and in-person conversations have in common is this: They all support being single, that it’s better than being with the wrong person, that you can still be in a relationship and feel like the loneliest person on earth, and that happiness is not guaranteed with a partner or a lover…

OK, I think that with that said, the content of this post cannot be centered (or even mention) the topic of being single…I’ll leave that for another future post though…when all these comments have cooled down a bit 😛

Moving on to the main topic of this post: My 34th Birthday…I’m a Cancerian….I turned 34 on July 15. Yes, proud to be a ’90s chick….I still believe that those were the best years of my life…I grew up in the simple days of “Full House”, “90210” and “Saved by the Bell”…before technology and social media took over our lives….I used to play video games with Atari. Boulder Dash (the game), Super Mario and Sonic the HedgeHog were my idols 🙂

I could go on and on about my ’80s and ’90s childhood and teen years…but this is not what this post is about…This post is a way to say Thank you to all of the friends who joined in the celebration of my Birthday, to everyone who took some time off of their busy schedule to sit at our Iftar table – it was Ramadan after all…A month of rejoice, and reconnecting with old friends who you don’t get the chance to see as much as you would like throughout the year.

This post is a celebration of life, of genuine and meaningful connections, of the great people who are in our lives for a reason, of all the wonderful times that we shared together and will continue to share….

In the end, whether we are single or in a meaningful relationship, the most important element is to be at peace and content with ourselves. Because no external source or even the most loving partner can bring you eternal happiness or inner peace…

How many of you agree to this?

I am signing off before I get too spiritual (actually, that’s just me copying what everyone else keeps telling me) :p


Next year, I would love to celebrate my Birthday in another country….Let’s see what the future holds….



The Rebellious Saudi Diva XXX

Undefined Declarations’ List: Top 10 Tips for Making it in the Creative Industry



When I first decided to change careers from IT to journalism back in 2008, I had no idea about the way to get there. I didn’t realize that it would be a completely different route to what I was used to, or to how I eventually got my IT job. Doing things the hard way – without anyone to guide me, assist or support me – I must say that I learned the lessons in the best way possible: by trial and error.

Comparing my previous career and work experience to what I do now is a very hard task. They’re two completely different fields and work environments. But, I will give you a brief idea to help you understand and maybe get inspired to make a similar change or adjustment to what you currently do.

I had a degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Bahrain. And after working in IT support for around four years, I decided to quit my job and pursue my passion: writing. I was 28, a year later, I moved to London to take a foundation course with London College of Fashion. After completing one term of A-Level equivalent and intensive study, I decided to move to Dubai to start interning for publishing companies in the hopes of landing an editorial role along the way…It’s the year 2014 and I’m still working towards that same goal that I had aimed for when I moved here in 2010. Except that these days, I have learned so many lessons along the way and I would like to share them with anyone who is working towards a similar goal or is looking into becoming a creative professional and earning a living out of it.


1. Start doing the creative work

While it might work otherwise in other industries – get a degree then apply for a job. In the creative industry, it’s the other way around. You must start by doing the work that you aspire to get paid for. Since employers will only hire you after they have seen your actual work and how you can add value to their organization and goals. Plus, doing the actual work will greatly help in improving your skills and expertise.


2. Do unpaid work

Freelancing and offering your services for free is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a great way to build your portfolio – because you will need one in order to get paid for your work. So keep doing unpaid work for as long as it takes to get paid for your work and to be accredited for it.


3. Work 24/7

Working in a fun and creative environment is a good thing, but you must be prepared to work without taking breaks. Fixed working hours aren’t part of the game. There’s always something new to learn, some project to work on, a new and exciting idea to consider…The cool thing is that you get to be your own boss and you can manage your time according to your personal preferences.


4. Take notes of your ideas and put them into action

Whether it’s your next blog post, photo shoot, short video, web site design, you need to keep coming with fresh and new ideas. Most importantly, put those ideas into action by implementing them into that blog post, photo shoot, video or web page.


5. Love what you do

Any entrepreneur will give you this advise really. You must do what you do with passion if you want to get to anywhere. The monetary return will not appear in the first stages, so you must do what you love in order to have the passion to keep doing it even when the going gets tough and when you are not making any profit out of it.


6. Network, network, network

One of the essential elements of the creative industry is networking. Find out about relevant events and make an effort to attend them. Not only will you learn more about the market, you will also meet new people who share your interests and passions. Building positive and meaningful connections with others in your industry is vitally important.


7. Have casual meetings with like-minded people

Whether it’s over coffee, lunch, dinner or even breakfast, meeting with others from similar industries is a great way to share ideas, discuss various topics and maybe learn new tips and market information. Supporting others in their own career goals is always a great way to build positive and healthy relationships with others in your industry. The road is always more entertaining when traveled with others.


8. Work in creative hubs and open spaces

Whether you choose to work from your local neighborhood cafe, head to the nearest spot of big chain coffee shops, or collaborate with others at one of the work spaces in town, it’s always better than working from home. Being a creative professional – especially when writing – can be a lonely experience. So surrounding yourself with others in an open and busy environment is the best way to go. You will also feel more motivated to work in an environment where everyone around you is working in front of their laptops or doing some sort of productive work.


9. Read, learn, study

Taking a short course or working towards a degree in your chosen creative field will only add to your knowledge and build up your confidence. If you can’t afford a course, simply read online articles about your topic or any topic for that matter! Staying updated with what’s happening in your industry will help keep you ahead of others and boost your knowledge levels.


10. Never give up!

Reaching your goals in the creative industry and getting paid for your work could be an extremely lengthy process. It could take years before you could get published or be taken seriously by potential employers. But the trick here is to never give up and to continue working hard towards your goals. Even if no one reads your blog posts, supports you or what you’re doing, or thinks that you have great ideas, you must stay fixed to your target and aim to achieve it no matter how challenging things get. Keep reminding yourself of why you chose to do this in the first place and how long it took you to get to where you are. You must fuel yourself from your own energy, ambition and inner power.




University Life: Internsme Workshop



If someone has the authority to write a blog post about internships, then I think I would be the ideal candidate. After completing a number of internships in Dubai, I believe that I deserve an award for the best intern ever 🙂

I took up several internships in publishing and advertising, working towards a smooth career change. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. That’s why I’m back to University studying journalism to gain more credibility and learn the essential skills.

When I heard about InternsME, I was delighted to know that there’s an organization that helps students find suitable internships in the area that they are interested in. This concept is a great way to facilitate getting an internship and saves the student a huge amount of time and effort. Especially since media and other creative industries are quite challenging to get into – even as an intern!

Noor, our speaker at the InternsME workshop, gave us two choices for the topics that she could talk about. The majority of us chose the topic of “interviews”. Here are the main five points that I learned from Noor’s talk:

  1. Internships are a great way to meet people from the industry and learn new things. So even if you end up doing a lot of administrative tasks during the internship, don’t forget that at the same time you are making new connections from the industry and learning new things every day.
  2. Internships that offer the best experience are most likely unpaid. When I asked Noor whether the internships at InternsME were paid or unpaid. She explained to us that they offer both paid and unpaid ones. But the ones that offer the better experience and exposure (bigger companies) are usually unpaid.
  3. You should never pay any person or organization to get you an internship. I believe this advise goes for getting employment as well. It’s a well-known fact that you shouldn’t have to pay in order to get a position or to intern at an organization.
  4. In an interview, when asked a question that you can’t think of an immediate answer to, it is fine to tell the interviewer: “I need to think about it for a while.” It’s better to be honest than to be hasty and say the wrong thing.
  5. After the interview, send an e-mail to the person who interviewed you to thank them for their time and end it with: I look forward to hearing from you. Don’t be too assertive and say things like: when will I hear back if I’m successful? They probably still have to interview a number of candidates after you, and will get back to you once they are done with the process.


To register with InternsME and receive updates about internships that match your area of interest, simply go to their web site and fill in your details. I know I will use their services sometime soon. Possibly next semester – when I have less course work load.

Good Luck and have fun interning 🙂


My Heavenly Valentine’s with Yoga Fest ME :)

Yoga Tent at Yoga Fest Dubai
Yoga Tent at Yoga Fest Dubai


My plan for the day involved working on my essay that’s due this Monday, then going for two yoga sessions at Dubai’s coolest outdoor yoga event: Yoga Fest, before going back home for more essay research. But after my visit to the event, I changed my original plan and decided to write this post instead of working on my University assignment, because I didn’t want people to miss out on this great event!

Yogafest is a free sustainable community event that takes place once a year in Dubai Internet City’s Ampitheater. The event brings together teachers and yoga enthusiasts in a peaceful outdoor setting. All while supporting charities and great causes.

The outdoor setting of the event was so peaceful and perfect for doing yoga, pilates or meditation. The DIC Ampitheater is located at the lake side, which means that you get to do yoga beside a lake with a nice fountain. While doing our Yin yoga, I could hear the sound of the birds chirping. That added more serenity to the already relaxing experience.

Throughout the event’s two days, you can attend classes for free at the different tents spread across the green patches of grass. Being able to lay on the grass is a great luxury for us here in the UAE, so me and my friend Olivia were happy just being in the great outdoors and breathing some fresh air.

All the classes at the event are free except for the Pilates and family tent classes. Those have limited space in them and are therefore not included in the day pass. You can find all the information about registration and the classes schedule on the web site.

I can’t even begin to describe how well-planned and organized this event was. And this comes as no surprise when you know that the founder of this great community initiative, Elaine Kelly is a fitness teacher with a strong corporate background.

Although the event only takes place once a year, there is a regular full moon yoga every month at the same location. It is also free of charge….the next one is on the 14th of March. So mark your calendars now!

But since my friend Olivia and I enjoyed our yoga sessions so much, I would suggest that you head out there tomorrow and not wait for next month. It’s the best way to spend your day or afternoon or evening and you will leave feeling energized and blessed.

Olivia’s friends who saw her after the yoga sessions told her that her skin was glowing. I felt more at peace with myself…more positive and thankful for my life. I even decided to write this review instead of postponing it to next week, because I wanted to share my experience with the readers before the festival ended.

So, if you could take some time out tomorrow to do one thing, let it be a visit to Yogafest 🙂

In the end, I want to wish all the single people out there a great Valentine’s…one in which they learn to love themselves more and appreciate the simple things that life gives us every day.

And remember to always embrace life and your present situation, whatever it is…even if you are tired of being alone. There are so  many things to discover and explore….endless experiences and moments of joy to share with others.

One of the things that I like about being single is being able to constantly learn new things and try out different experiences…so if I ever meet someone interesting and compatible, he must be up for full moon yoga at Yogafest’s tranquil outdoor tent 🙂


Yogfest's tranquil outdoor setting
Yogfest’s tranquil outdoor setting


one of the many tents at Yogafest
one of the many tents at Yogafest




Meditation Tent
Meditation Tent


Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga


Full Moon Yoga with Yogafest
Full Moon Yoga with Yogafest


Olivia in a moment of pure bliss and peacefulness
Olivia in a moment of pure bliss and peacefulness


For more information, check out the Yogafest ME Facebook Page.






UD Review: SRT Basic Course at Illuminations Dubai




In keeping with the topic of this post and aiming to live at a lighter level, I will try to keep this post light, simple, short and sweet 🙂

I’ve always been a fan of spirituality and well-being, so I was delighted to hear about Illuminations from a friend who shared a competition from their Facebook Page with me. The competition was for a Basic SRT Workshop held at the center’s location in JLT. As if getting the chance to attend this insightful course wasn’t enough, I even got the opportunity to meet some lovely individuals who shared my life situations (past and present), experiences and obviously interests!

About Illuminations:

Illuminations is a well-being center which offers a great variety of holistic-based self-development workshops and seminars, meditation sessions, holistic training programs, private consultations and even a collection of holistic products.

They are located in JLT, Fortune Executive Towers, just outside the Dubai Marina Metro Station.


Illuminations Well-being Center
Illuminations Well-being Center


What is SRT?

SRT is a spiritual healing process that has its roots from the Spiritual Response Association in the US. SRT was founded by Robert E. Detzler.

What is SRT Used for?

SRT can be described as a fast and simple form of meditation. It gives similar results achieved by meditation, only in a much shorter span of time. So you end up feeling lighter, with more inner peace and clarity within a very short period of time.

By practicing SRT, you are clearing blocks to mental, emotional and physical healing. The benefits to using this spiritual healing practice are endless, and they cover almost all aspects of a person’s past, present and future life.

I personally believe that this type of therapy which gives immediate positive results is essential for our fast-paced lifestyles.




My Testimonial on the SRT Basic Course:

Since I plan to keep this a light post, let me share with you my honest opinion about the course:

“I was delighted to find out about Illuminations through a Facebook competition that a friend has shared with me. Even more so since the well-being center is located only a few minutes from where I live. The two and a half-day course added a great wealth of knowledge about a new form of spiritual healing that I wasn’t even aware of. The spiritual response therapy course is a shortcut to meditation and its results can be achieved almost immediately. In today’s fast-paced and modern lifestyle, SRT can give you fast and effective results in no time. The healing and clearing process takes place during the days of the course, even with beginners who have no previous experience with meditation or spiritual healing practices.

I was surprised yet pleased to find myself getting intense dreams at night after practicing the methods of SRT throughout the day of the course. Those dreams were directly related to the topics that I wished to resolve with my SRT practice. On the last day of the course, a friend from my building who saw me as I was heading out to the center greatly complimented me on how my face looked glowing. She could see a radical change in my complexion to the better. My emotional well-being has also drastically improved after only two days of taking the course. I found myself getting things done in a timely manner and was feeling more positive and upbeat overall.

Lastly, the course allowed me to meet great new people and make new friends including the instructor. It’s always lovely to meet a group of people who share your interests and life experiences, and possibly tribulations and struggles. My weekend spent taking the basic SRT course was one of the best weekends that I have had in Dubai. It’s one that I will always remember. I honestly look forward to the next workshop with Lukas Putz and to sharing lunch and good times in my area with a genuine and interesting group of people.”




Talk by Lukas Putz on Health on Tuesday 11th of February:

Lukas, the instructor of our SRT Basic course is giving a talk on health tomorrow evening. I strongly recommend this talk for anyone who is even slightly concerned with healthy eating habits and a new way of living. Lukas covered a bit of health during our SRT course, and I can honestly say that what he said was greatly insightful to say the least.

Here are the details for tomorrow’s health talk at More Cafe:

Talk: How to Change Your Life – Tuesday 11th Feb
This is a 2-2.5 hour talk by me on how to improve your life simply by making the right food choices. I will be revealing the reasons why we should not be eating certain foods and how these foods affect our bodies both physically and emotionally.
Venue: More Cafe, Al Marooj Rotana (opposite Dubai Mall)
Date: Tuesday 11th Feb
Time: 6.30pm-9pm

Cost: AED50 (includes a welcome drink)

This talk will be the first of a series of talks each focusing on a particular health related subject. They will include such topics as Acid vs Alkaline, Nutrition workshop, How to cleanse your body and more.

An SRT Advanced Course is coming up soon…

February 14 – 16th – SRT advanced course.

The venue takes place at illuminations and the timings are:
Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 6pm – 10pm
Price: 1895,- Dhs
Kindly contact illuminations on info@illuminationsworld.com

Illuminations Web Site: http://www.illuminationsworld.com/

Illuminations Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/illuminationsworld

For further Information, check out: www.spiritualresponse.us


All the best and Happy Healing!





Undefined Declarations’ List: Top 10 Mostly Used Arabic Words



Since I’m a native Arabic speaker, my expat friends regularly ask me about common words and how to say them in Arabic. I must admit that Arabic language and specifically the pronunciation of words can be quite tricky. That’s why I decided to compile a list of some widely used Arabic words and their meaning in English.

I also plan to write a List post every week, so please feel free to suggest ideas for my next post. Whether you’re confused about the way some groups or communities act, why Arab women tend to dress up and wear too much make-up, what do Saudi people have for breakfast…whatever the dilemma you are facing, I will try my best to provide an explanation and help simplify your time spent living in the Middle-East 🙂

If you still haven’t seen my first Top 10 List post, you can have a look at it here and learn some basic facts about the Gulf region.

Moving on to today’s topic, I present to you my list of the Top 10 Mostly Used Arabic Words:


1. Ahlain, Hala Wallah, Ahlan, Sabah El Khair.

The first three words mean: Hi. But they are more used in a Saudi accent in this example 🙂  The last word in the above line means: Good Morning.


2. Keefek?, Keef Halek? The answer: El Hamdellah bkhair.

The words “Keefek” and “Keef Halek” mean: How are you? The answer means: Thankful to God, I’m OK.


3. Baba, Mama.

Baba means: Father, and Mama means: Mother. However, this is also relevant to the community and could change according to where the person comes from. This is how a spoiled Saudi girl calls her parents :p




4. Habibi, Habibti, Hayati.

Arab people in general are very emotional. They like to use the above words when speaking to random strangers even if they don’t know them that well or are despising them at the moment!

Definition: Habibi means my love and is used for a male. While Habibti is used when speaking to a female. The word Hayati means: my life and can be used for both girls and boys. Didn’t I tell you Arabs are highly emotional beings? 🙂


5. Shukran, Afwan.

Shukran means: Thank you. And Afwan means: You’re welcome.


6. Ma El Salamah, Tesbah Ala Khair.

Ma El Salamah means: Good Bye. It also means with good wishes or safe and sound. Tesbah Ala Khair means: Good Night.




7. Forsa Saeedah.

Definition: Nice meeting you.


8. Yallah.

Yallah means: Let’s go. But can be used in a sentence to tell someone: come on, hurry up, or “oh well“.


9. Khalas.

Khalas means: it’s over, all set, or to end a conversation when you don’t want to talk anymore about a specific topic 🙂




10. Inshallah, Mashallah.

Inshallah means: God Willing. It’s the equivalent to saying: Hopefully. And Mashallah means: Praise God. And it’s similar to saying: Touch Wood and so is the verbal way of touching wood in the Muslim world 🙂



I was out for dinner with my dear friend Pinay Flying High when I mentioned to her that I plan on writing this post. She suggested that I include her favorite Arabic word: Shuhada.

Now although Shuhada is an Arabic word, it is pronounced differently depending on the Arab country the person is coming from. But since the Lebanese Arabic dialect is considered one of the easiest ones to learn and master, most non-Arabic speakers pick up that accent and use it in daily conversation.

Being the Saudi Diva, I would have to include the Saudi version of the word “Shuhada” and that is: Drum roll…..Aish Hatha? 🙂


I hope that you found these basic Arabic words useful and that you will try to practice using them the next time you are chatting with an Arab 🙂