Undefined Declarations’ List: Top 10 Things I like about being a Blogger


Blogging from Cafes becomes a lifestyle for most bloggers
Blogging from Cafes becomes a lifestyle for most bloggers


My previous Top 10 List was about being raised by parents from the Gulf region. I come from a moderately conservative family. We are not liberal, but we’re also not extremely conservative or religious. Here’s a link for that post if you missed it.

Today’s list includes the top 10 things that I like about being a blogger. I started this blog in September 2012 to showcase my writing to potential employers. Now, it’s more of a hobby and sometimes feels like a full-time role!

I present to you the top reasons that keep me hooked to writing blog posts:

  1. I can work from almost any location that I feel like working from. Writing blog posts can be done from the comfort of my bed, a cafe across the road, or even from the beach if I had the time and luxury of carrying around a laptop, and a beach bag full of beach essentials.

    Jumeirah Mosque view at this Starbucks Middle East location
    Jumeirah Mosque view at this Starbucks Middle East location
  2. I can write posts at any time of the day. On most days, I have a couple of things to get done. So, blogging is something that might not come at the top of my priority list. That’s when I can write in the evenings – when most people are watching TV, reading, socializing, or out having dinner or drinks. This point can be a disadvantage to blogging too. But that will be discussed in another post 🙂
  3. I get to do creative work, that I choose myself, without any supervision or editing from another party. Unlike working for a publishing house and adhering to certain rules and regulations, blogging gives the writer the freedom of expression and writing within their personal set of rules and limitations.
  4. I get invited to review restaurant meals, spa treatments and other cool stuff. When I first started the blog, I was reviewing these things anyway, because I enjoyed it. After some time of hard work, the blog gained more followers and I started to get invites to review meals, and other stuff. The only issue these days is that, with my University course work, I don’t have the same free time I used to have when I first started the blog. That’s why, I don’t write as many reviews as I used to in the past.
  5. Being a blogger means that I’m considered as a media person. This grants me access to events as press. It also allows me to network with other media professionals, and others from the media industry.
  6. One thing that I really like about blogging is meeting other bloggers. Whether they are based in the same city, or on another continent, it’s always great to meet like-minded people. Most bloggers share many traits in common; they are interesting, determined and curious individuals. We love to learn new things, and we are pretty good in taking action.

    What I just Love the Blog and I catching up over lunch
    What I just Love the Blog and I catching up over lunch
  7. Blogging allows me to share my thoughts, experiences, views and ideas with my readers. It makes me so ecstatic to hear that a reader found my post insightful, or that they learned so many things from it. It equally brightens my day when someone tells me that what I wrote resonates with their own experience very strongly.
  8. I love that blogging has helped me practice – and hopefully – improve my writing skills. I think most of all, it gave me the confidence that I needed to keep writing. It helped me stay focused on my goal of becoming a better writer and journalist.
  9. It helped me build on my social and networking skills. I started to attend all kinds of events when I started this blog. This was mainly to meet new people and to generate blog content. It was very exciting to meet people from different backgrounds and industries. At that time, I was mixing with people from the fashion, arts, food or media industries. That fitted well with the blog concept, as I was writing a lifestyle blog that covered all these topics. Nowadays, I still enjoy attending random events. But due to my time constraints, I have to be more selective with the events that I choose to attend. Of course once I’m done with my course, I should be able to attend more events and network with people from various communities.
  10. Being a blogger who doesn’t outsource anything to another party means that you need a set of multiple skills. I truly enjoy being the following:
  • The editor who comes up with the idea for the post.
  • The photographer who takes the pictures for the post.
  • The writer and editor who writes and then edits the words and images.
  • The marketing and PR person who promotes the blog.
  • The social media person who promotes the blog and the posts on social media.
  • The communications person who attends events and tells people about the blog.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit who constantly goes through ups and downs, but never gives up.

As you can see, blogging is a very fun and engaging way to communicate with others and express your feelings and thoughts through words. I love hearing positive feedback as much as I love hearing critical remarks. So feel free to leave a comment or not 🙂

The next post will be a list of the things that I don’t like about being a blogger. So stay tuned for that!

Till then, Have a wonderful weekend ahead. No matter how you choose to spend it!



Coffee breaks are more fun when blogging is involved :)
Coffee breaks are more fun when blogging is involved 🙂

UD Style Shoot: Vintage Vibes

Nada from Undefined Declarations in a Warehouse dress
Nada from Undefined Declarations in a Warehouse dress


If you’re not following my blog’s Facebook Page, then you might have missed our first fashion photo shoot. You can still browse the photos of my collaboration with Le Monde Des Petites from the album posted on my Facebook Page. While you are there, you might want to hit the “like” button to stay updated with the latest posts from this spontaneous and crazy lifestyle blog 🙂

Let’s have a look at the photos from our second style photo shoot, with details of the fashion brands worn by the model – the writer of this blog 🙂




IMG_6567 rotated


IMG_6568 rotated


My dad was in town, and for a belated birthday gift, I asked him to get me some charms for my brand new Pandora bracelet – which I recently got as a birthday gift too! Since I love a bit of a vintage style in almost everything, I chose a retro theme for my charms and made my selection from their uber cool oxidized charms collection.

Pandora bracelet with oxidized charms
Pandora bracelet with oxidized charms




The angel-wings ring is from O’ De Rose and it matches almost anything that I wear. It’s a very playful and everyday accessory that you can wear with almost any outfit – even with a casual T-shirt and jeans.

IMG_6581 rotated


Earrings are from O' De Rose
Earrings are from O’ De Rose


Pendant Necklace is from O' De Rose
Pendant Necklace is from O’ De Rose


The metallic-studded sandals I am wearing are from a recent collection at River Island

River Island Sandals
River Island Sandals








This exotic and multi-print day dress is from Warehouse. It’s a great summer essentials timeless piece to wear for a day at the beach club or a day out with the girls for lunch or coffee. So simple, elegant, and extremely comfy and light for the hot summer months.

Day dress from Warehouse UK
Day dress from Warehouse UK




This fabulous and original sequined clutch bag is a piece that I got a while back from the renowned Zara. It’s so versatile that you can wear it to a night out with friends, a day out on the beach, or even to accessorize a basic outfit at a media networking event! Now how’s that for multiple ways to wear a pastel-sequined Zara clutch bag? 🙂

Zara clutch bag
Zara clutch bag


Sadly, my friend Julie from the blog Le Monde Des Petites is leaving Dubai for good soon. So this photo shoot was only our second style shoot together, and also the farewell meeting for us. That’s the thing with this city, it’s so transient that you constantly find yourself meeting new interesting and genuine people, connecting with them on various levels, and then saying your good-byes when it’s time for them to move to another expat destination or back to their home towns! But, because we must always look at the bright side of every situation, the good thing about this is that I get to have friends at different cities across the globe, who I can visit when I travel 🙂

Thank you Julie for the lovely times we shared, despite them not being too many…I wish you all the best in everything and I look forward to seeing you again – hopefully soon! XXX

Blogger Friends Forever!
Blogger Friends Forever!


The lady on the left is Araceli from What I just Love, the one in the middle is Julie from Le Monde Des Petites. And I’m on the right 🙂


Blogger Love :)
Blogger Love 🙂


For more cool photos, random posts and updates from this blog, follow my blog’s fan page XXX






A bonus “behind the scenes” look into our vintage-themed photo shoot 😉

behind the scenes of our photo shoot
behind the scenes of our photo shoot

The Carnival of Weekend Wanderings – Undefined Declarations Edition

carnival of weekend wanderings


First of all, I must apologize for the delay in writing and publishing this post. My hosting date is today, but I think I should have posted earlier in the day. But when you get used to the “working from home -or in my case – cafe blogger lifestyle”, you can’t help but organize your daily schedule to fit yourself and yourself only! And when you have a lot of things running in your mind and phone calls that you need to make, then writing this post comes right after lunch 🙂

So in between calling up the exam center to inquire about my IELTS test this weekend, preparing for a private professional photo shoot scheduled for next week, booking my salon hair appointment for the shoot, and making sure that I regularly update my Facebook Page, I present to you my personal edition of the Carnival of Weekend Wanderings.

I was first introduced to the carnival by the gracious blogger Grace from Sandier Pastures, who is currently on holiday (more of a so-called holiday as you will learn from her most recent post). This carnival simply gives you insight into what other bloggers have been up to in their weekends, and shares their fun weekend stories.

The Animated Nomad tells us his story of how he met the musical artist Noush Like Sploosh at The Lime Tree Cafe in Dubai. Impressive I must say! You can read all about it here.

Sheila from Shoutingwind.Com shares with us her story of visiting Atlantis’s popular Aquaventure water park in a unique trip before the park had actually opened its doors for the public!

Newly launched site Dubai Hipster brings you a review of a cool sushi eatery in Dubai. This blog is your essential guide to getting absolutely anything done in Dubai.

If anyone of you is planning a trip to the West Coast of the U.S., then check out Sojustnice‘s review of a recent trip to Venice and Santa Monica. The photos posted in that page made me want to go there now!

For vintage fashion lovers, The Heritage Studio; a blog about all things vintage brought to life in a contemporary light, tells us their unique story behind a rare Italian vintage high-end statement bag!

Moving on to another story in another continent, fashion and lifestyle blogger What I Just Love shares with us her exciting business trip to Tanzania and Kenya! Giraffes,baby elephants? she’s got it all covered 🙂

Wondering about what Baku – Azerbaijan’s capital city is like? The Travel Manor has just made a recent trip to the city and has documented the most interesting bits of his trip here.

If you are planning a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai city life but don’t wish to go too far, The REAL Geordie Armani has the solution! read all about her weekend stay-cation at the wonderful Palm Tree Court Resort and Spa.

Another Dubai hotel review courtesy of Her Perfect Black Dress brings you all that you need to know if you’re planning a stay at Dubai modern four-star property Media One Hotel. Check out her honest review here.

Confused about what souvenirs to get for your family and friends from the UAE? The Global Gazette gives you some great tips on what to get when souvenir shopping in the capital.

Summer is the season of weddings, and what better way than to read a poetic post about a June wedding party? it’s brought to you by Art and Ginger Chai Conversations.

Last but not least, Well Traveled Pet; a blog about dog-friendly places, restaurants and travel products shares with us a camping trip post all the way from St. Petersburg, Florida.


I hope that our friends’ weekend stories got you inspired to plan your next weekend! Until the next carnival, have a wonderful weekend and happy blogging!


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carnival of weekend wanderings