The Blog has moved to a New Home!

  Hello everyone, This post is just an announcement to let you know that I’m now writing and publishing on a new web site. The new blog is called Saudi Diva. It will cover travel, culture, hotels and spas. You can follow me on Word Press by hitting the “follow” button on this page: Saudi […]

Turning 35: A Birthday Iftar Celebration and Some Reflections

  This year, my friends and I chose a Peruvian restaurant for our Birthday Iftar celebration. My friend’s husband’s birthday is on the 16th of July. My birthday falls on the 15th of the same month. So we’ve been doing a one day celebration with our groups of friends for the past two years. Tesoro […]

Undefined Declarations’ List: Top 10 Things I like about being a Blogger

    My previous Top 10 List was about being raised by parents from the Gulf region. I come from a moderately conservative family. We are not liberal, but we’re also not extremely conservative or religious. Here’s a link for that post if you missed it. Today’s list includes the top 10 things that I […]

Cultural Post: The Gulf Region Lifestyle

  If you need some introduction about life in the Gulf region, and a general idea of the social structure there, you can check out my previous cultural post, titled: The “Bubble” Life. Today’s topic is somewhat relevant. It can also be considered more of a personal topic since I’ll be talking about my specific […]

Vacation Mode: ON

  So the plan was to take a creative photo with my new Nikon for this post, but because I’m tight on time and honestly too tired, I decided to just use an online image. Many of you might be back from vacations or are close to ending your holiday season…but I am just about […]

UD Recipe Story: Chickpea Tomato Soup

  When I’m not blogging, commuting to the other end of town to attend a lecture at University, working on my school projects, complaining about being single to almost anyone who would listen, or doing anything that will add some value to the world and the human species, then I can be found doing something […]

Random Post: The Killers at Sandance, Physical and Emotional Exhaustion and Overall Chaos!

As I sit to write this post while sitting at my favorite cafe, I can feel the rapid pulse of my heart beat as I place my left index finger on the side of my neck. Yes, I’ve always been a weirdo and I tend to do silly things in public too! Where have I […]

Undefined Declarations is Moving to a New Home!

  Dear faithful readers and followers, My blog will be moving to a new domain name soon. As you all know, it’s essential to have a (.com) domain name in order to be taken seriously in the business world. And although this blog has been standing strong all this time without any sponsorship of any […]

The Ultimate Blog Party!

Thanks to Sandier Pastures helpful and entertaining posts, I found out about The Ultimate Blog Party. Which is basically a virtual gathering for all types of bloggers from around the world. It’s an opportunity to meet new bloggers, discuss relevant topics, and of course drive more traffic into your blog. The party also includes online […]

I’m on the Cover of Weekend Tabloid!

  I had done the photo shoot for this article and had answered some questions about myself and my blog a few weeks ago. And for the past three weeks or so I had been getting Gulf News newspaper every Saturday to check “The Weekend Tabloid!” supplement for the article that I would be featured […]