Turning 35: A Birthday Iftar Celebration and Some Reflections

My 35th Birthday Iftar at Tesoro Dubai
My 35th Birthday Iftar at Tesoro Dubai


This year, my friends and I chose a Peruvian restaurant for our Birthday Iftar celebration. My friend’s husband’s birthday is on the 16th of July. My birthday falls on the 15th of the same month. So we’ve been doing a one day celebration with our groups of friends for the past two years.

Tesoro is a fine dining Peruvian concept located at the new Taj Hotel Dubai. The place has a very eclectic and modern feel to it. It’s also very spacious with a huge terrace overlooking the Burj Khalifah.

Thankfully, everyone had a great time and loved the tasty creations by the Chefs at Tesoro.

So, another year has passed. I’m 35, single and still looking for a suitable job or paid internship in Dubai.

I’m grateful for the good friends that I have in this magical city, and those who shared my special day with me.

I’m also blessed for being able to constantly learn new things and new ways to develop and grow – both professionally and personally.

I’m thankful for the experiences that I had and that I continue to have. Like doing random activities, meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures, and discovering something new along the way.

What’s my plan for future days?

Honestly, I think it’s time for me to be more self-involved and self-centered. Nothing can be more disappointing to a diva than investing time and energy into projects or people and not getting similar vibes in return.

Some people like to put their self-interests first, set their own rules, and then expect others to entertain them. Well, I can publicly declare that I’m not Mother Teresa and that I never will be!

When I give someone my time, it’s because I genuinely want to. But I also have realistic expectations to be treated in the same way!

Basically, it’s now time for me to focus more on my career and personal life. I need to eventually land a full-time role that I enjoy doing. I also need to find a loving and supportive partner.

As for this blog – a project that has been so exciting to work on, and very close to my heart. It was an honest representation of my life, my struggles, my dreams and aspirations.

The time for this website to end is getting near. But I have plans to start another blog with a different niche. You can stay updated with my news and new blog news by following me on social media:

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Update: New Blog is now Live!

Here’s the link for my new blog:

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I’m very active on Twitter and Instagram these days. So make sure to follow me to stay in touch with my news.

Being 35 and single means that I have the strength and independence to make significant life decisions.

It also makes for a good time to reflect on those life decisions and possibly rethink my priorities.


The Rebellious Saudi Diva XXX


Lovely Birthday Iftar at Tesoro Dubai
Lovely Birthday Iftar at Tesoro Dubai


A dual Birthday Celebration with genuine Dubai people
A dual Birthday Celebration with genuine Dubai people


Bonus Track to listen to while working or reading this post!


UD Style Shoot: Vintage Vibes

Nada from Undefined Declarations in a Warehouse dress
Nada from Undefined Declarations in a Warehouse dress


If you’re not following my blog’s Facebook Page, then you might have missed our first fashion photo shoot. You can still browse the photos of my collaboration with Le Monde Des Petites from the album posted on my Facebook Page. While you are there, you might want to hit the “like” button to stay updated with the latest posts from this spontaneous and crazy lifestyle blog πŸ™‚

Let’s have a look at the photos from our second style photo shoot, with details of the fashion brands worn by the model – the writer of this blog πŸ™‚




IMG_6567 rotated


IMG_6568 rotated


My dad was in town, and for a belated birthday gift, I asked him to get me some charms for my brand new Pandora bracelet – which I recently got as a birthday gift too! Since I love a bit of a vintage style in almost everything, I chose a retro theme for my charms and made my selection from their uber cool oxidized charms collection.

Pandora bracelet with oxidized charms
Pandora bracelet with oxidized charms




The angel-wings ring is from O’ De Rose and it matches almost anything that I wear. It’s a very playful and everyday accessory that you can wear with almost any outfit – even with a casual T-shirt and jeans.

IMG_6581 rotated


Earrings are from O' De Rose
Earrings are from O’ De Rose


Pendant Necklace is from O' De Rose
Pendant Necklace is from O’ De Rose


The metallic-studded sandals I am wearing are from a recent collection at River Island

River Island Sandals
River Island Sandals








This exotic and multi-print day dress is from Warehouse. It’s a greatΒ summer essentials timeless piece to wear for a day at the beach club or a day out with the girls for lunch or coffee. So simple, elegant, and extremely comfy and light for the hot summer months.

Day dress from Warehouse UK
Day dress from Warehouse UK




This fabulous and original sequined clutch bag is a piece that I got a while back from the renowned Zara. It’s so versatile that you can wear it to a night out with friends, a day out on the beach, or even to accessorize a basic outfit at a media networking event! Now how’s that for multiple ways to wear a pastel-sequined Zara clutch bag? πŸ™‚

Zara clutch bag
Zara clutch bag


Sadly, my friend Julie from the blog Le Monde Des Petites is leaving Dubai for good soon. So this photo shoot was only our second style shoot together, and also the farewell meeting for us. That’s the thing with this city, it’s so transient that you constantly find yourself meeting new interesting and genuine people, connecting with them on various levels, and then saying your good-byes when it’s time for them to move to another expat destination or back to their home towns! But, because we must always look at the bright side of every situation, the good thing about this is that I get to have friends at different cities across the globe, who I can visit when I travel πŸ™‚

Thank you Julie for the lovely times we shared, despite them not being too many…I wish you all the best in everything and I look forward to seeing you again – hopefully soon! XXX

Blogger Friends Forever!
Blogger Friends Forever!


The lady on the left is Araceli from What I just Love, the one in the middle is Julie from Le Monde Des Petites. And I’m on the right πŸ™‚


Blogger Love :)
Blogger Love πŸ™‚


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A bonus “behind the scenes” look into our vintage-themed photo shoot πŸ˜‰

behind the scenes of our photo shoot
behind the scenes of our photo shoot

Dubai Beauty Salon Review: Sisters Beauty Lounge



Being a regular client at Sisters Beauty Lounge Mall of the Emirates branch means that it’s the go-to salon for my hair cut, hair color, hair roots touch-up, and the fabulous Red Ken hair treatment. What I wasn’t aware of though, was that they also offer an exceptional classic manicure and pedicure!


Why is the Sisters Beauty Lounge mani/pedi unique?

Honestly speaking, this was my first time to experience a manicure/pedicure that uses a Brazilian mani/pedi kit. This basically means that water is not used to soak your hands. Instead, both hands and feet are wrapped in disposable gloves filled with a moisturizing Brazilian cream (includes copaiba oil). This is a highly hygienic method that acts as a great moisturizing treatment for the hands and feet. And I was informed by my nail therapist Amelia that Sisters is the only salon that uses this progressive and wonderful method in its manicures and pedicures.






Products Used in the Treatment

With a total of 13 years of experience in this business, it’s no wonder that Amelia is an expert in everything related to nails. She recommended the right products for my nail status and type, and also helped me select a good nail polish color to match my skin tone and that is also on trend.

Amelia used the “Rebuild” Perfect Nail nail hardener as a base coat treatment for my nails, since they are soft and chipped at the ends. A drop of Solar Oil was also massaged into my hands and cuticles. The oil contains essential oils (jojoba oil, almond oil) that help replenish and moisturize the nails and cuticles. This oil works just as well with polished nails.






Brazilian Pedicure

As everyone knows, pedicures in this region must involve a thorough foot scrub. I must admit that it’s my favorite part of the nail treatment! It just feels so good to get the skin on your feet polished and the rough skin removed.Β  A tangerine scented foot scrub was used on my feet and I could tell that the product was of high quality from the rich texture of the scrub granules. It was simply divine….

Foot Scrub at Sisters Beauty Lounge
Foot Scrub at Sisters Beauty Lounge


Scrubbing the feet before applying the nail polish ensures that your feet are clean and fresh and ready to be extra pampered with a lovely nail polish πŸ™‚


Nail Polish Brand Used

I was delighted to try the newly launched long-lasting nail polish by US brand CND. Vinylux offers a new nail treatment breakthrough with polish that lasts up to seven days without chipping!

The innovative range gives you durable, shiny and week-long wear polish with the use of a strengthening top coat. What’s more is that this polish can be applied directly to the nails without the need for a base coat. This allows a faster and more effective two-step process.


CND Vinylux Weekly Polish
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish


Amelia applied two coats of the CND Vinylux polish followed by a transparent top coat. I was amazed at how quickly the polish dried! it was almost instant and I didn’t need to sit at a drying bar or wait for it to dry!Β  πŸ˜€


Brazilian Pedicure at Sisters Beauty Lounge
Brazilian Pedicure at Sisters Beauty Lounge


Main Pros of Sisters Beauty Lounge Nail Treatment

  • Highly experienced nail technicians. Amelia really knows what she’s talking about and has extensive knowledge about the products that must be used for the different nail and cuticle types.
  • Strong lighting above the nail station translates to a more efficient and effective session.
  • The salon follows high hygiene and safety standards with the use of disposable nail kits.
  • The use of the gloves with the cream to soften the hands really helps in achieving smooth and replenished hands.
  • The use of high quality and reputable product brands.
  • Relaxed and chilled ambiance.


Me being pampered at Sisters Beauty Lounge
Me being pampered at Sisters Beauty Lounge






As if my treatment wasn’t rejuvenating enough, I could hear The Cranberries “Salvation” playing in the background. With the vocalist screaming the words: “Salvation, Salvation, Salvation is free“….Being a 90’s girl who grew up in this region and always dreamed of breaking free from my constraining lifestyle and cultural background, I think nothing could top that song at the end of my mani/pedi and as a declaration of my independence πŸ˜€

By now I guess you know all the reasons as to why I adore Sisters Beauty Lounge Mall of the Emirates branch. Yes, playing cool music all the time is one of them πŸ™‚


Price: AED 75 for the Classic Manicure and AED 85 for the Classic Pedicure

Web Site: Sisters Beauty Lounge

Facebook Page: Sisters Beauty Lounge