Interview with LCF Senior Business Manager

LCF Art of Dress Exhibition in Dubai
LCF Art of Dress Exhibition in Dubai

I must start by apologizing for not writing in a while. Basically, I was on a break from my University course and I was trying to make the most out of my free time.

Apart from catching up on much-needed sleep and not doing much really, I managed to make a few trips to the beach – like three trips I think! I don’t know about you, but the Dubai winter has made me feel very sluggish and all I felt like doing was stay in bed and sleep! I’ve been feeling tired most of the time too. I think it could be the result of the accumulated stress that I went through in the past term. It’s for the better though, now I can add more skills to my CV – like short video production and editing.

Talking about video editing, you might have viewed my video on the LCF event that was held in Dubai in November. Oh how I miss London and that college! I still plan to go back to finish a course that I started there in 2009 and take another course. Yes, I am a woman on a mission!

If you haven’t seen that video yet, you can find it here.

Today I’m sharing with you my full interview with Senior Business Manager at LCF, Linda Roberts. In the interview, I ask Linda about the Art of Dress Exhibition and her views on the fashion education scene in Dubai and the Middle East. Here’s a video for the full interview that I conducted with Linda Roberts from LCF:


LCF will be back with their short courses program in Dubai this February. For a complete list of the courses on offer, visit their short courses in Dubai page:

LCF Short Courses in Dubai


Stay tuned for my second interview – with Head of LCF and Pro Vice-Chancellor for the University of Arts London, Professor Frances Corner.


Happy New Year X


Event Review: London College of Fashion “Art of Dress” Exhibition in Dubai

LCF Art of Dress Exhibition showcases the work of LCF students
LCF Art of Dress Exhibition showcases the work of LCF students


When I received the invite for the private view event for London College of Fashion‘s “Art of Dress” exhibition, I was so excited and knew that this would be the perfect topic for my next video journalism University project.

I had attended LCF back in 2009, as a first step towards changing careers into journalism. The course that I took was a foundation course in fashion media and communication. It was an intensive one year course, equivalent to the UK A-Levels. At that point in time, I wasn’t ready for an intensive study program. Mainly because I had been working in IT support for the past 4 years before starting that course. So it wasn’t easy for me to go back to education and to take an intensive course.

However, I did manage to successfully complete one term of that course. And I still plan to go back to LCF one day to finish that course and maybe take a post graduate course too! I always believe that it’s never too late to achieve your goals and follow your dreams.

The last time I met with the lovely LCF people was two years ago at Okku restaurant and lounge in Dubai. It was an alumni event organized for the college’s alumni in Dubai and short courses’ students and graduates.

You can read about that event here.

As expected, attending the private view event was a great decision made by me, and deciding to cover the event for my project was just as interesting as I thought it would be. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone from the College and conducting the interviews with my lovely and professional talents.

I will leave you now with the video, that was filmed, reported and produced by me. I researched the story, arranged for – and conducted – the interviews, filmed the footage at the event and at the interviews, and edited and produced the short video.

Here’s the link for the short video about LCF’s Art of Dress exhibition private view event, held in Dubai’s AlSerkal Avenue.



I will be sharing the full interviews with Professor Frances Corner and Linda Roberts on the blog soon. So stay tuned for that.


LCF magazine, showcasing the work of students and alumni
LCF magazine, showcasing the work of students and alumni

University Life: Internsme Workshop



If someone has the authority to write a blog post about internships, then I think I would be the ideal candidate. After completing a number of internships in Dubai, I believe that I deserve an award for the best intern ever ๐Ÿ™‚

I took up several internships in publishing and advertising, working towards a smooth career change. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. That’s why I’m back to University studying journalism to gain more credibility and learn the essential skills.

When I heard about InternsME, I was delighted to know that there’s an organization that helps students find suitable internships in the area that they are interested in. This concept is a great way to facilitate getting an internship and saves the student a huge amount of time and effort. Especially since media and other creative industries are quite challenging to get into – even as an intern!

Noor, our speaker at the InternsME workshop, gave us two choices for the topics that she could talk about. The majority of us chose the topic of “interviews”. Here are the main five points that I learned from Noor’s talk:

  1. Internships are a great way to meet people from the industry and learn new things. So even if you end up doing a lot of administrative tasks during the internship, don’t forget that at the same time you are making new connections from the industry and learning new things every day.
  2. Internships that offer the best experience are most likely unpaid. When I asked Noor whether the internships at InternsME were paid or unpaid. She explained to us that they offer both paid and unpaid ones. But the ones that offer the better experience and exposure (bigger companies) are usually unpaid.
  3. You should never pay any person or organization to get you an internship. I believe this advise goes for getting employment as well. It’s a well-known fact that you shouldn’t have to pay in order to get a positionย or to intern at an organization.
  4. In an interview, when asked a question that you can’t think of an immediate answer to, it is fine to tell the interviewer: “I need to think about it for a while.” It’s better to be honest than to be hasty and say the wrong thing.
  5. After the interview, send an e-mail to the person who interviewed you to thank them for their time and end it with: I look forward to hearing from you. Don’t be too assertive and say things like: when will I hear back if I’m successful? They probably still have to interview a number of candidates after you, and will get back to you once they are done with the process.


To register with InternsME and receive updates about internships that match your area of interest, simply go to their web site and fill in your details. I know I will use their services sometime soon. Possibly next semester – when I have less course work load.

Good Luck and have fun interning ๐Ÿ™‚


Personal Makeup Artist Course at The Annex Institute Dubai




I don’t want to sound like a drama queen, but when I was growing up, I always tended to do things at a later stage than my friends. Starting and learning how to put on makeup was no exception! I guess my mind was always preoccupied with other life-changing decisions…like mapping out and working on my next plan to get more personal space and freedom. For example, in the summer before I left Saudi to go study in London, I was busy communicating with London College of Fashion to enroll at a course there, preparing and sending my documents, taking the IELTS test, deciding on accommodation options and other legal matters.

Makeup was always something in the back of my head. I had the basic products and I knew how to use them at beginner level I would say. I had no idea how to do an evening look or blend different eye shadow colors to make a cool effect. My personal concept of makeup began and ended with mascara and a tinted lip balm ๐Ÿ™‚


If you were following my blog lately, you might have read my post on the Annex Institute; a brand new creative school based in Downtown Dubai. The school offers various creative courses covering hair, Makeup, film and photography.

I was lucky to attend a ‘Personal Makeup Artist‘ course at the school. Where I finally got the opportunity to make use of my Smokey Eyes kit that I had bought over the summer and never got a chance to test out since I have no clue as to how to achieve the look!

During the day course, Chief Creative Officer and Makeup Artist Aqeel Al Nasser used me as a model for a highly elegant and sultry brown Smokey Eyes look. While applying the makeup, Aqeel explained every step that he did with high precision and detail. I must admit that I learned so many makeup tricks that I wasn’t previously aware of like:

  • The correct way to apply and blend eye shadow and blusher powder.
  • How to avoid the smudged mascara look (that I’m famous for sporting).
  • Essential contouring and highlighting techniques.
  • The correct way to apply eye liner.
  • The types of brushes to use for each product.
  • As much as I hate to admit this, but I was introduced to gel liner for the first time ๐Ÿ˜€

Aqeel even went on to explain to us the right way to clean our makeup brushes, which after trying out myself, I couldn’t imagine how increasingly efficient and effective it was! It makes your life so much easier, that you wonder how you would previously spend hours washing brushes in the sink with liquid soap and water!ย  Or maybe that was just me being lost in my own world of life-changing missions and not knowing about this basic tip ๐Ÿ™‚

Whether you are an expert in makeup application and evening looks or are a basic makeup user like me (who only owns a total of 4 brushes), the super friendly team at the Annex Institute will help you progress to the next level of your learning curve…their courses are certified by Internationally acclaimed organizations and institutions.ย  With their many hair and makeup courses, they can accommodate to all levels and skills. Just drop them a line and they will offer you a course based on your requirements and interests.


Being the tom boyish girl that I am, I am now looking forward to taking my next course at the Annex: Creative Business Course. It’s a three-day Introductory business course to help you start your own creative business.

But before that, I must finish reading my Blog Inc. book…and I need to make time for the course once my University term ends or at the beginning of my next semester ๐Ÿ™‚


Yes, despite being a Diva, I also have a very masculine and career-oriented side to me that you can’t ever hide ๐Ÿ™‚


Now that I know how to put my own makeup in a professional way, it’s your turn to learn the essential tips and tricks of makeup and beauty. Check out the Annex Institute’s web site and follow them on Facebook!

Web Site:ย

Facebook Page:ย ย


Contouring Technique
Contouring Technique





Ultra elegant Smokey Eyes Look
Ultra elegant Smokey Eyes Look






Day to Evening Look with Simple Steps!
Day to Evening Look with Simple Steps!


Flaunting my new look at Souq Al Bahaar
Flaunting my new look at Souq Al Bahaar


P.S. Do follow the Annex’s Facebook Page, as they regularly post useful and interesting hair and makeup tips on a daily basis! I’m a fan and I can say that I’ve learned a good number of tricks from that page ๐Ÿ™‚




Dubai Creative School Recommendation: The Annex Institute



Being a creative professional, I always found it so challenging to learn the right skills and tricks to make it in the creative world. Growing up and living in Saudi for most of my life hasn’t helped much either. Since there aren’t many opportunities to work in a creative industry or explore your creative potential and flair. That’s why I had to move all the way to London to take a course in a creative field.

Today though, you can find a highly professional and high-standard school for all your creative passions right here in Dubai! The Annex Institute is a new inspiring school in the heart of Dubai that trains creative individuals on beauty, hair, makeup, photography and film!


The Annex Institute Dubai
The Annex Institute Dubai




All of The Annex Institute‘s courses are certified by the KHDA and are vocational courses that will help you gain all the knowledge and skills that you need to start the creative career of your choice.

The Annex is the only creative school in Dubai thatย  offers essential Basic Health and Safety courses for salons and salon professionals.


Me Checking out the school on the Girls' Day In Event!
Me Checking out the school on the Girls’ Day In Event!


Head of Hair Education at The Annex Institute; Yessenia Cano
Head of Hair Education at The Annex Institute; Yessenia Cano


Professional Hair Educator Yessenia Cano
Professional Hair Educator Yessenia Cano


Head of Hair Education and LA native Yessenia Cano has worked with Hollywood celebrities as a hair stylist as part of her extensive and unique portfolio! Someone with Beverly Hills experience in Dubai? Only at The Annex!


The Annex use the most professional hair and beauty products
The Annex use the most professional hair and beauty products




Stay tuned to the blog for my next exciting post about The Annex! Where I get to take a Personal Makeup Artist course at the school with the highly talented Chief Creative Officer and Makeup Artist – Aqeel Al Nasser and flaunt a glamorous and contemporary brown smokey eyes look!


In the meantime, check out the school’s web site and Facebook Page and get inspired with the coolest creative school in town!


The Annex Institute Dubai
The Annex Institute Dubai