UD Review: Sri Sri Harmony with Yoga Ashram

Great views at Yoga Ashram Dubai studios
Great views at Yoga Ashram Dubai studios


I have a confession to make: I had leftover bean nachos and some guacamole dip for dinner (recipe will be shared soon on the blog). I feel bloated, extremely guilty and very uncomfortable. As if eating a 2-days old leftover mash of beans, corn chips and tomato sauce – that now looks like play-doh – isn’t enough to make anyone feel an ultimate surge of guilt and self-loath…I also just saw a recent photo taken of me at the Zeta restaurant and lounge opening at The Address Downtown Dubai, where I have an obvious bulging belly!

And to top all of this unhealthy diet phase and low workout lifestyle, I am now overwhelmed with University projects and assignments that I need to spend a lot of time working on. This means that I won’t be able to do any proper physical exercise until the term ends sometime in mid-December!

But, at least I have Yoga Ashram just across from my building. If you still haven’t read my previous posts about this lovely yoga studio, then you are missing out big time. I’ve been trying out a couple of their classes, and I must say that each class they offer is distinct and different.

My latest review was of their Hatha Yoga class. This time, I tried a class called Sri Sri Harmony. Which is also very different in essence from the Sri Sri Fit class – which I reviewed earlier.

What is Sri Sri Harmony?

The session is comprised of a combination of breathing exercises and basic yoga postures. Sri Sri Harmony is more of a therapeutic type of yoga, as opposed to a fitness one.

Why Sri Sri Harmony?

The main aim of this type of yoga is to bring back the awareness and balance to the body. This is done by performing a sequence of postures that are done with gentle and repetitive yogic breathing.

How difficult are the postures?

I must admit that the postures and breathing techniques for this class are fairly simple and easy to follow for all levels. This is a great class for beginners to yoga, as the postures are very basic and don’t require much effort.

Who should attend this class?

Anyone who is looking to meditate, release tension and destress should give this class a try. It’s a great way to let go of all the stress and negative emotions, and to bring more awareness and presence to the body in a very relaxed and casual environment.

What are the benefits of this type of yoga?

At the end of the class, you will notice that your breathing is more deep. You can take longer inhales and exhales, and you start to breathe correctly. You will feel as if the lungs are more open and that you are more relaxed and less stressed.

I personally felt that the blood circulation in my body has improved greatly – as I always have cold hands and feet. I also could feel that my abs have toned and that feeling continued for two days after the class!

Of course, with all the stress from my University school work, meditating with Sri Sri Harmony surely helped reduce my stress and anxiety levels.

Whenever you visit Yoga Ashram, you will feel as if you have entered a new space – full of positive and peaceful vibes. That is also made more powerful with the help of the extremely friendly and genuinely kind staff.

In a nutshell:

If you’re looking for a way to find peace and presence in the midst of a busy, fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, then you won’t regret trying Sri Sri Harmony. The session offers a simple and effective way to re-energize the body and soul with basic breathing and yoga postures.


Yoga Ashram Dubai
Yoga Ashram Dubai


Note: When we breathe, we only use up to 30% of our lungs. Sri Sri Harmony helps us make use of 90% of our lungs’ capacity.


Sri Sri Harmony at Yoga Ashram Dubai
Sri Sri Harmony at Yoga Ashram Dubai


Honestly, I can’t wait till I’m done with my University course so that I can become a regular at this authentic and blissful yoga studio.

The next time you are in JLT, give Yoga Ashram a visit and you won’t be disappointed.

Yoga Ashram is located in Cluster X – X3 tower (1504).

Tel: +9714 – 3609028
Email: [email protected]

Web Site: http://yogaashram.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yogashramJLT


I can’t wait for my next Yoga Ashram class, not only to shed off some of the weight that I’m accumulating and tone up, but also to see the lovely and warm team at that studio – who make it a truly one of a kind fitness and well-being center.


Rebellious Diva Signing off X



My Heavenly Valentine’s with Yoga Fest ME :)

Yoga Tent at Yoga Fest Dubai
Yoga Tent at Yoga Fest Dubai


My plan for the day involved working on my essay that’s due this Monday, then going for two yoga sessions at Dubai’s coolest outdoor yoga event: Yoga Fest, before going back home for more essay research. But after my visit to the event, I changed my original plan and decided to write this post instead of working on my University assignment, because I didn’t want people to miss out on this great event!

Yogafest is a free sustainable community event that takes place once a year in Dubai Internet City’s Ampitheater. The event brings together teachers and yoga enthusiasts in a peaceful outdoor setting. All while supporting charities and great causes.

The outdoor setting of the event was so peaceful and perfect for doing yoga, pilates or meditation. The DIC Ampitheater is located at the lake side, which means that you get to do yoga beside a lake with a nice fountain. While doing our Yin yoga, I could hear the sound of the birds chirping. That added more serenity to the already relaxing experience.

Throughout the event’s two days, you can attend classes for free at the different tents spread across the green patches of grass. Being able to lay on the grass is a great luxury for us here in the UAE, so me and my friend Olivia were happy just being in the great outdoors and breathing some fresh air.

All the classes at the event are free except for the Pilates and family tent classes. Those have limited space in them and are therefore not included in the day pass. You can find all the information about registration and the classes schedule on the web site.

I can’t even begin to describe how well-planned and organized this event was. And this comes as no surprise when you know that the founder of this great community initiative, Elaine Kelly is a fitness teacher with a strong corporate background.

Although the event only takes place once a year, there is a regular full moon yoga every month at the same location. It is also free of charge….the next one is on the 14th of March. So mark your calendars now!

But since my friend Olivia and I enjoyed our yoga sessions so much, I would suggest that you head out there tomorrow and not wait for next month. It’s the best way to spend your day or afternoon or evening and you will leave feeling energized and blessed.

Olivia’s friends who saw her after the yoga sessions told her that her skin was glowing. I felt more at peace with myself…more positive and thankful for my life. I even decided to write this review instead of postponing it to next week, because I wanted to share my experience with the readers before the festival ended.

So, if you could take some time out tomorrow to do one thing, let it be a visit to Yogafest 🙂

In the end, I want to wish all the single people out there a great Valentine’s…one in which they learn to love themselves more and appreciate the simple things that life gives us every day.

And remember to always embrace life and your present situation, whatever it is…even if you are tired of being alone. There are so  many things to discover and explore….endless experiences and moments of joy to share with others.

One of the things that I like about being single is being able to constantly learn new things and try out different experiences…so if I ever meet someone interesting and compatible, he must be up for full moon yoga at Yogafest’s tranquil outdoor tent 🙂


Yogfest's tranquil outdoor setting
Yogfest’s tranquil outdoor setting


one of the many tents at Yogafest
one of the many tents at Yogafest




Meditation Tent
Meditation Tent


Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga


Full Moon Yoga with Yogafest
Full Moon Yoga with Yogafest


Olivia in a moment of pure bliss and peacefulness
Olivia in a moment of pure bliss and peacefulness


For more information, check out the Yogafest ME Facebook Page.