UD Insider: Dubai School Children Get Fit at the First Ever Kids’ Run

  Under the patronage of HH Sheikha Al Jalila Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Etisalat sponsors the first ever Dubai Kids’ Run   In an effort to educate the UAE’s youth on the importance of healthy eating, regular exercise and an active lifestyle, the first ever Dubai kids’ run was launched. The two-day event […]

UD Review: Pilates with Tribefit ME!

  It was my second time to visit this fitness center which brands itself as a “Fitness and Social Club”. My first visit was during an outdoor yoga event organized by the “Mother, Baby and Child” magazine. Needless to say, it was a highly rejuvenating and relaxing experience to do yoga at a terrace, when […]

UD Review: Hatha Yoga with Yoga Ashram

  So, I’ve been practicing Yoga and Pilates at this new studio in my neighborhood. It’s called Yoga Ashram and I must say that the classes they offer are as authentic as the name of the studio 🙂 The instructors are highly experienced and certified in yoga practice. And their passion and dedication for this […]

UD Review: Back and Knee Yoga Workshop with Yoga Ashram

  I’ve just gone back to University for the summer term…so my blogging activity might get effected by this fact. Especially since the only subject that I’m taking in the summer term requires a lot of work. Meaning that weekly assignments must be submitted, in addition to a “Media Audience” research project and a closed […]

UD Review: Pilates with Yoga Ashram!

  If you’ve been following the blog, you must have read the previous reviews that I had done on this brand new studio located in my hood – well more like just across from where I live! Here are the links for the power yoga and the belly dancing classes’ reviews again.   For this […]

UD Review: Belly Dancing with Yoga Ashram

  If you’ve been following my blog, you might have read my earlier post on Yoga Ashram’s “Power Yoga” class. If not, you can have a look here. After being absent from the “fitness” and “social” scene for a while, I was glad to be back to this welcoming and homely studio situated right next […]

UD Review: Yoga Ashram

  How I found out about Yoga Ashram: It’s the beginning of a new year, we all want to eat more healthily and get in shape. But I personally never had that as a new year’s resolution myself! I think my resolutions mostly revolved about realizing goals of bringing in more independence and freedom into […]

Strike a Pose at the World’s Richest Horse Race ;)

  I wasn’t feeling at my best on the day of the world’s richest horse race – The Dubai World Cup. Mainly because I had started to experience all sorts of symptoms of a cold and have been taking echinacea supplements for a week or so to help prevent further developments of my sickness. But […]