UD Review: Back and Knee Yoga Workshop with Yoga Ashram

Yoga Workshop with Yoga Ashram
Yoga Workshop with Yoga Ashram


I’ve just gone back to University for the summer term…so my blogging activity might get effected by this fact. Especially since the only subject that I’m taking in the summer term requires a lot of work. Meaning that weekly assignments must be submitted, in addition to a “Media Audience” research project and a closed book exam at the end of the term!

Let’s see how it goes…and hope that the term flies by fast like the previous ones! yes, as you can tell I’m not a huge fan of going back to undergraduate school at the age where you should be done with your PHD :p

But I believe that everything happens for a reason, and we were all given different paths and destinies in life. So we should be grateful and try to stay positive and motivated as much as possible.

Today’sΒ  post is another review post. About a yoga studio which I have been frequenting recently to try out their different classes.

I’ve reviewed the following classes at Yoga Ashram:

Last week, I got to take a back, shoulder, neck and knee workshop with Yoga Ashram. The class included an hour and a half or so of yoga, followed by a presentation on common back issues and their prevention methods.

I was glad to attend the workshop with my dear friend and fellow blogger Araceli from What I just Love the Blog πŸ™‚


Araceli from What I Just Love and I
Araceli from What I Just Love and I


Our instructor – Harsha – has a total of 15 years of yoga practice experience. She got her certification a long time ago as well πŸ™‚


Sri Sri Yoga Instructor at Yoga Ashram
Sri Sri Yoga Instructor at Yoga Ashram


The class focused on the postures that focus mainly on the neck, shoulders, spine and knees. The moves included stretching exercises and flexibility moves. At the end of the class, we felt greatly invigorated and relaxed.




Araceli from What I Just Love the Blog :)
Araceli from What I Just Love the Blog πŸ™‚


Nada from Undefined Declarations
Nada from Undefined Declarations


I plan to try some more classes at Yoga Ashram soon, but my next post will be a recipe post for a chickpea tomato soup that I made for myself to cure my cold…I guess that’s what you do when you’re single and living alone!

Sigh….still coughing though πŸ™Β  Hope I get better by the next post!

Check out Yoga Ashram’s web site for more details about their location, classes and social media presence πŸ™‚





Till next time, stay safe and at peace….Namaste πŸ™‚


See ya!
See ya!

UD Review: Belly Dancing with Yoga Ashram



If you’ve been following my blog, you might have read my earlier post on Yoga Ashram’s “Power Yoga” class. If not, you can have a look here.

After being absent from the “fitness” and “social” scene for a while, I was glad to be back to this welcoming and homely studio situated right next to my building. My plan is to basically try out all their different classes before deciding which one to commit to. I figured I have no excuse not to stick to a regular fitness routine with this studio located just a minute’s walk from where I live!

What’s different about this belly dancing class?

I have tried a belly dancing class not a long time ago at a different fitness center in the same area, so I think my opinion will be considered quite updated and honest at the same time. What I liked about this class was the following:

  • It started right on time. No delays or changes in timings.
  • The class was small, so the instructor could pay attention to each student and correct if needed.
  • The instructor genuinely cared about the students and made sure that we left the class with results.
  • The instructor continuously corrected our moves throughout the entire class.
  • The instructor gave clear and detailed instructions for how to do every move.
  • The instructor told us which moves we need to practice at home and how to fit them into our daily schedule.

Who should attend this class?

  • If you’re an expat living in Dubai and was always curious to know more about the art of belly dancing, then this class if for you. Also, if you like to learn new dance routines or simply enjoy dancing as a form of working out, then this class will certainly tone up your body and add to your dancing skills.
  • If you want to learn how to do the “shimmy”, the “camel” and other basic belly dancing moves, then “Shaimaa” will make sure that you get the most of the class.
  • If you want to experience authentic Arab culture in a fun and interesting environment.
  • Finally, if you are simply into oriental dance, culture and would love to add more to your Dubai life experience.


Bonus: At the end of the class, “Shaimaa” had us to do a simple choreography dance that includes all the basic belly dancing moves. This was a great way to learn the moves, it also boosted our confidence and made us feel like real dancers πŸ™‚


Web site:Β  Yoga Ashram

Facebook: Β  https://www.facebook.com/yogashramJLT

Twitter:Β Β  @yogaashramjlt


Stay tuned for my next Yoga Ashram review….coming soon!


Belly Dancing Fun at Yoga Ashram Dubai
Belly Dancing Fun at Yoga Ashram Dubai

UD Review: Yoga Ashram



How I found out about Yoga Ashram:

It’s the beginning of a new year, we all want to eat more healthily and get in shape. But I personally never had that as a new year’s resolution myself! I think my resolutions mostly revolved about realizing goals of bringing in more independence and freedom into my personal life. This year was a bit different though…I had been spending one too many evenings writing blog posts, checking e-mails or working on the blog and my next plan (yes, more like what I’m doing now), and so this year’s resolution involved my decision to put my University degree first, exercising and taking care of my health second and lastly working on my blog.

How am I doing so far? well needless to say it’s 6:32 pm local time and I’m staying in this evening to write this blog post and check e-mails and other “professional network” messages!Β  But guess what, now I actually get to merge the fitness plan into my blogging routine. In other words, I get to do yoga and other fitness classes and review them on my blog! Good way to start the new year? I think so πŸ™‚

How did I find out about this newly opened yoga place? As I was leaving the grocery store underΒ  my building, for some unknown reason, I decide to check out the bulletin board for the first time ever! Yes, the Universe does work in mysterious ways. I spot the flyer for Yoga Ashram and immediately tell my yoga-lover friend Olivia about it. I told her that we should check it out one day. But before we got a chance to do that, I randomly meet a lovely lady and fitness instructor (who I will introduce in another post) and we speak about the new yoga place and later walking over to check it out together. Yes, all of these events happened by chance πŸ™‚




What types of yoga do they offer?

The center offers a variety of yoga classes; hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga to name a few. I got to take a “power yoga” class the other day. And I must honestly say that I was extremely satisfied with the way the class was given. Our instructor that evening, Munishwer is an experienced yoga trainer. He has several degrees in yogic science and study. What I liked mostly about his method of teaching was that he took the time to correct our postures throughout the one-hour class. He would also explain to us the right way that each yoga move is done. As well as talk us through the benefits that each specific posture has to our bodies and health.


Our Power Yoga Trainer, Munishwer
Our Power Yoga Trainer, Munishwer


“Yoga postures are designed to circulate the blood flow to the specific body organs.”

…That was one quote from our expert yoga trainer Munishwer. Munishwer gave us great insight about the many advantages of the various yoga postures to our health and different body organs. His words were also necessary to add even more value to the yoga session. As imaging the blood flowing through the body helps achieve the right results from the class.


Power Yoga Trainer at Yoga Ashram
Power Yoga Trainer at Yoga Ashram


How did I feel after the class?

Honestly I felt rejuvenated, more relaxed, and in an overall better mood. My body also felt more toned and my muscles (even neck and shoulder) stretched and worked out. The trainer even asked us about our personal outcomes from the session. While most students mentioned weight loss and toning, I just wanted to relieve some stress after a long week at University. So that class was the perfect ending to my hectic week.

The Space and Location:

You will be impressed by the spacious studio at this yoga center. The main studio where we had the class is so spacious and open. The walls are basically glass windows that have an outstanding view of the Emirates Golf course and the rest of JLT.

Located in Jumeirah Bay X3 Tower, this studio is just a hop away from where I live! Do I have an excuse for not exercising now? Hmm, very unlikely…


Note: Yoga Ashram offer other types of fitness classes as well. Such as Pilates, Belly Dance, and Moms & Tods Yoga!

I’ll leave you with some images from my “power yoga” class to get you inspired. Next week, I try out “Belly Dancing” so watch out for that πŸ™‚




The "Camel" Pose
The “Camel” Pose


Some Upcoming Yoga Classes:

Holiztik Flyer_back&neck Jan Feb 2014


Holiztik Yoga for self-healing flyer Jan Feb 2014


How do I contact Yoga Ashram?

Call: 04-3609028

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook Page: facebook.com/yogashramJLT

Location: Apartment 1504, Jumeirah Bay X3, JLT, Dubai