Cultural Post: The “Bubble” Life



As most days in the city of Dubai, it was hot and sunny and I was walking at the Marina promenade after a nice breakfast at a cafe in the area. And as I was lost in my own trail of silly thoughts – mostly about planning what to do next – a certain sight caught my attention and brought back intense and sad memories.

The image that made me look was that of a teenage girl wearing a loose fitting grey T-shirt and short denim shorts speeding away on a skateboard. While this could be a very ordinary sight for most people from Western countries, for me; this was nothing but a purely broken dream!

As a Saudi teenager living in Saudi, and at the same time being exposed to the Western world and lifestyle through TV, books, travel or the city’s expat residential compounds, I very badly wanted to own a skateboard and ride it somewhere (even if it’s in our house’s garden). I must admit that I was more of a tomboy back in those days. So being able to skateboard was my ultimate dream at the time. But because I was living in a country where you had to adhere to certain rules and regulations, and because I was the daughter of highly over-protective and controlling parents, my dream was buried and never saw life.

When I reflect on this incident today, as a 30-something year old Saudi living in the UAE, I can say that my restrictions have diminished, but surely haven’t been completely eliminated. I believe that even after our physical restrictions have been removed; in my case it was my parents’ controlling and over-protective behaviour, the effects and imprints of those conditioned beliefs continue to haunt us.

The ironic part of it is that I’ve seen this kind of unconscious attachment to restricting thoughts or actions in some of the people I have met who don’t necessarily come from strict countries or cultures. We all share one thing in common though, we were raised in a restricting environment, and have been trained to always act, behave or speak in a specific manner. We were always under the scrutiny of someone, whether it was our parents, spouses, family members or even the communities we lived in.

It’s astonishing how we continue to limit ourselves and our life experiences long after those boundaries and restrictions have been removed. Sometimes, our thoughts follow the same confining patterns that we have developed over the years. And it becomes almost impossible to break free from limiting behaviours and thoughts that we don’t agree with or want to possess.

After many years of being confined, oppressed, and judged for the simplest of things, an imaginary bubble is created. Sadly for some of us who have lived in that bubble for the most part of our childhood, adolescent and adult life, breaking away and bursting that bubble for good proves to be a highly challenging and time-consuming task.

Luckily, the Universe has helped me meet some good people – who later became friends – who share my “bubble” life story, can understand my struggles, and can strongly relate to my dreams and aspirations. Despite the fact that we are all still relatively living in that bubble, I believe that with the support of a strong social circle, we can all grow and evolve to become the free spirits that we were born to be.

Having said that, I’m not so sure how I would look wearing a casual T-shirt and hot denim shorts while skateboarding in my fifties! As it might take me a while to eventually get to that kind of personal freedom. I guess we’ll have to wait and see :)



Dubai Beauty Salon Review: Sisters Beauty Lounge



Being a regular client at Sisters Beauty Lounge Mall of the Emirates branch means that it’s the go-to salon for my hair cut, hair color, hair roots touch-up, and the fabulous Red Ken hair treatment. What I wasn’t aware of though, was that they also offer an exceptional classic manicure and pedicure!


Why is the Sisters Beauty Lounge mani/pedi unique?

Honestly speaking, this was my first time to experience a manicure/pedicure that uses a Brazilian mani/pedi kit. This basically means that water is not used to soak your hands. Instead, both hands and feet are wrapped in disposable gloves filled with a moisturizing Brazilian cream (includes copaiba oil). This is a highly hygienic method that acts as a great moisturizing treatment for the hands and feet. And I was informed by my nail therapist Amelia that Sisters is the only salon that uses this progressive and wonderful method in its manicures and pedicures.






Products Used in the Treatment

With a total of 13 years of experience in this business, it’s no wonder that Amelia is an expert in everything related to nails. She recommended the right products for my nail status and type, and also helped me select a good nail polish color to match my skin tone and that is also on trend.

Amelia used the “Rebuild” Perfect Nail nail hardener as a base coat treatment for my nails, since they are soft and chipped at the ends. A drop of Solar Oil was also massaged into my hands and cuticles. The oil contains essential oils (jojoba oil, almond oil) that help replenish and moisturize the nails and cuticles. This oil works just as well with polished nails.






Brazilian Pedicure

As everyone knows, pedicures in this region must involve a thorough foot scrub. I must admit that it’s my favorite part of the nail treatment! It just feels so good to get the skin on your feet polished and the rough skin removed.  A tangerine scented foot scrub was used on my feet and I could tell that the product was of high quality from the rich texture of the scrub granules. It was simply divine….

Foot Scrub at Sisters Beauty Lounge
Foot Scrub at Sisters Beauty Lounge


Scrubbing the feet before applying the nail polish ensures that your feet are clean and fresh and ready to be extra pampered with a lovely nail polish 🙂


Nail Polish Brand Used

I was delighted to try the newly launched long-lasting nail polish by US brand CND. Vinylux offers a new nail treatment breakthrough with polish that lasts up to seven days without chipping!

The innovative range gives you durable, shiny and week-long wear polish with the use of a strengthening top coat. What’s more is that this polish can be applied directly to the nails without the need for a base coat. This allows a faster and more effective two-step process.


CND Vinylux Weekly Polish
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish


Amelia applied two coats of the CND Vinylux polish followed by a transparent top coat. I was amazed at how quickly the polish dried! it was almost instant and I didn’t need to sit at a drying bar or wait for it to dry!  😀


Brazilian Pedicure at Sisters Beauty Lounge
Brazilian Pedicure at Sisters Beauty Lounge


Main Pros of Sisters Beauty Lounge Nail Treatment

  • Highly experienced nail technicians. Amelia really knows what she’s talking about and has extensive knowledge about the products that must be used for the different nail and cuticle types.
  • Strong lighting above the nail station translates to a more efficient and effective session.
  • The salon follows high hygiene and safety standards with the use of disposable nail kits.
  • The use of the gloves with the cream to soften the hands really helps in achieving smooth and replenished hands.
  • The use of high quality and reputable product brands.
  • Relaxed and chilled ambiance.


Me being pampered at Sisters Beauty Lounge
Me being pampered at Sisters Beauty Lounge






As if my treatment wasn’t rejuvenating enough, I could hear The Cranberries “Salvation” playing in the background. With the vocalist screaming the words: “Salvation, Salvation, Salvation is free“….Being a 90’s girl who grew up in this region and always dreamed of breaking free from my constraining lifestyle and cultural background, I think nothing could top that song at the end of my mani/pedi and as a declaration of my independence 😀

By now I guess you know all the reasons as to why I adore Sisters Beauty Lounge Mall of the Emirates branch. Yes, playing cool music all the time is one of them 🙂


Price: AED 75 for the Classic Manicure and AED 85 for the Classic Pedicure

Web Site: Sisters Beauty Lounge

Facebook Page: Sisters Beauty Lounge