My Favorite Dubai Beach Club: Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa



I like to call this golf/beach resort my secret mini getaway destination. Sadly, the secret has already been out in the two older posts that I wrote on this magical beach club. You can check them out again here and here.

Now although I’ve been to most of the five-star Dubai beach clubs, and most recently have checked one out in Abu Dhabi, I must admit that I always find myself coming back to this lovely and secluded beach club: the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa.

There’s something about this beach club that is not found at any other location in Dubai. For the most part, its location outside of the city makes it perfect for a mini getaway when you don’t have time for a short or long trip on a jet plane.  The atmosphere is unlike any other in Dubai….you feel transformed into a different and classy world. Where comfort, top of the notch facilities, and a chilled vibe are the only existing  elements.

Honestly, I could go on and on about this place without getting tired. But let me take you on a journey of how I spent my day at the resort last week.


I started my day by chilling by the infinity pool…the pool is spacious with a shallow area for children. It also has these cool fountains that are fun to play with for the kids, or just lounge under as an adult 🙂


The Infinity Pool at JA Beach Club
The Infinity Pool at JA Beach Club


Peacocks are found everywhere at the resort
Peacocks are found everywhere at the resort


After lounging by the infinity pool and going for an incredibly refreshing swim, I headed to Captain’s bar for a light lunch. The bar is located by the 800 meter wide beach, and is completely  shaded. I had the Arabic mezza plate and a Caprese salad.


Arabic mezza plate at Captain's bar
Arabic mezza plate at Captain’s bar


Caprese salad at Captain's bar
Caprese salad at Captain’s bar


I had booked a treatment at the spa at the beginning of my day, and so I decided to use the spa wet room facilities before my treatment starts.

The spa wet room facilities include a jacuzzi, a steam room and a sauna room. They can be used by anyone who books a treatment at the spa. My favorite part is without a doubt the jacuzzi. I’ve been day-dreaming about soaking in the jacuzzi for a couple of weeks, if not months!


The Jacuzzi at JA Golf Resort and Spa
The Jacuzzi at JA Golf Resort and Spa


Sauna Room at JA Golf Resort and Spa
Sauna Room at JA Golf Resort and Spa


Tip: Don’t miss out on the experience showers available at the spa. These are to be used in between lounging in the steam, sauna or jacuzzi!


Signature Treatments at the Spa:

The spa offers a variety of signature treatments on a daily basis. On Tuesday – the day that I was there – the treatment was for a traditional Hammam and scalp massage!

I’ve only had a Moroccan bath once, but this was my first time to try a traditional Hammam treatment, and I’m so glad that I did!

The treatment left my skin feeling baby soft and tender to touch. It also removed all the dead skin cells and left me feeling lighter, fresh and so rejuvenated. The therapist was also great as she exerted just the right amount of pressure while scrubbing my skin. I also have extremely sensitive skin and the treatment was gentle and didn’t irritate my skin or anything. The spa used Elemis products in all its treatments. In the traditional Hammam, a Moroccan black soap was used in addition to the Elemis products.

The treatment included a highly relaxing and soothing scalp massage. I didn’t want it to end!


After my treatment was over, I made my way to the beach to catch the last sun rays before the sun sets! and if you’ve been following me on my Facebook Page, you would know that I can’t be at the beach and not have an iced latte!


Iced Latte at JA Beach!
Iced Latte at JA Beach!





Me at my favorite Dubai Beach Club!
Me at my favorite Dubai Beach Club!


The JA Beach at sunset...
The JA Beach at sunset…




It may be the end of another day at the chic and classy Jebel Ali Beach Club, but I’m certain that I’ll go back there for more relaxation and unwinding by the beautiful and pristine beach…


Marina at the JA Golf Resort and Spa
Marina at the JA Golf Resort and Spa




All I could think of while waiting for the shuttle bus to take us back to the city, was: I want to just live out here and never leave!

I think the energy in that place is just so amazingly positive, that I always leave a much happier, peaceful and relaxed version of my typically sad and depressed self!

Do you want to know what makes this resort unique?

The fact that you have access to a great number of activities all in one single place! You can choose to do any of the following:

  • Activities for kids.
  • 800 meter wide beach access.
  • Access to four swimming pools, including one with salt sea water!
  • Access to a variety of water sports.
  • Golf club.
  • High-end spa.
  • Two hotels; Jebel Ali Beach Hotel and Palm Tree Court.
  • A number of dining and bar options.
  • A boat marina!

As you can see the options are endless of how you can choose to spend your day at the Jebel Ali Golf  Resort and Spa. In case I missed anything, have a look at their web site and plan a day out or more for you and your loved ones 🙂


A shuttle bus service is also available to transport guests to and from a number of landmark locations in the city!


Since I didn’t get to spend much time on the beach this time, because of my spa treatment. I’m definitely planning another trip to this magical resort soon. Most likely it will be after my summer term at University ends. And I would love to stay at the Palm Tree Court residence for a night or two. I might even try out some water sports while I’m there. And who knows, maybe, I will finally finish reading that book about blogging!


Ending this post with a picture of where I would like to have a romantic dinner date with my potential partner (once I meet him) 😀


Seriously, who could wish for anything better than this? 🙂


Rebellious Diva signing off…


Romantic Date Destination at JA Beach!
Romantic Date Destination at JA Beach!

My Dubai Beach Recommendation: Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa



I had previously written a review on the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa UAE residents weekend package. You can read all about it here. Today, I was delighted to visit the lovely beach property again (yes, I rarely go to the beach) and spend the day at this relaxed and revitalizing beach.

I arrived to the beach at around 11:30…the weather was a bit windy today, but it was great for swimming and lounging by the sea.






It’s always a great feeling when you sink your toes into the warm grains of sand…




At around two o’clock, I decided to have lunch at La Fontana restaurant. You have the option of taking a cold or a hot buffet. I went for the cold buffet which includes a selection of salads. It’s unlimited so you are allowed to refill your plate 🙂

The salad selection includes a variety of Arabic mezzas such as hummos, mtabbal, and baba ghanouj, in addition to other Western salad dishes. This is what I had in my first round of salad 🙂




a refreshing cold drink by the water
a refreshing cold drink by the water


DJ playing fun summer tracks
DJ playing fun summer tracks


And finally, no trip to the Jebel Ali Beach Resort and Spa is complete without seeing our friends; the magnificent and outstanding peacocks!






Even if it’s on our way out; after a long day spent unwinding and relaxing at the beautiful pristine beach.

The resort offers a number of outdoor sport activities, such as horse riding, tennis, golf and various water sports. You can find all the information on their web site:

The day pass for the pool and beach access is AED 220 for adults. And AED 325 including an extensive lunch buffet with live cooking stations and an outdoor barbecue station.

Whether you are someone who is looking for a quiet day to relax by the beach and read a book, or if you are more adventurous and would like to try a new water sport or outdoor hobby, or are simply looking to chill by the pool on your day off of work, I assure you that Jebel Ali Beach Hotel will do its best to meet your leisurely needs.