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Here’s a news story that I did for one of my University projects. The course is called “Web News Production” and it really helped me in a lot of ways. I learned how to write news stories for the web, add photos to a slideshow (coming soon in my next project) and create a short video to add value to the story.

The video you will watch in this story was shot and edited by me. I was the camera woman, the reporter, the writer, the editor, and the video producer 🙂

It was filmed at A4 Space at AlSerkal Avenue in Dubai. Happy watching 🙂



In a genuine desire to share knowledge about coffee and its roasting process, Sabado Coffee Club – a group founded by Matthew Wade who co-runs fat Nancy’s new diet with Anabelle de Gersigny – hosts a monthly coffee tasting event for coffee lovers around the city.

The venue for the club’s meeting – which takes place on the first Saturday of each month – is subject to change. Anyone who is interested in attending their events can follow the club’s coffee, art and culture dedicated blog ( for details about the next event’s date and location.

On the 1st of November, the coffee club’s tasting event was held at A4 space in the city’s creative arts and cultural hub – Al Serkal Avenue.


Fresh coffee beans at Sabado Coffee Club
Fresh coffee beans at Sabado Coffee Club


Brewed coffee tasting cups
Brewed coffee tasting cups


Kim Thompson – who collaborates with Matthew Wade, Founder of Sabado Coffee Club in this non-commercial event – explains the concept behind the insightful coffee tasting event: “Our main aim is to share knowledge about coffee, to create a more discerning customer.”

With the majority of the residents in the Gulf region accustomed to getting their coffee from the big franchises widely available around the city, the Dubai-based independent coffee club is working towards changing that trend.


Kim Thompson samples coffee at the event
Kim Thompson samples coffee at the event


Getting the community involved in coffee sampling events is a greatly informative and interesting way to start this initiative.

At a symbolic fee of AED 25, coffee club members get to sample coffees from a wide range of roasters from various countries, before identifying their favourite cup.


Club members sample coffee and take notes
Club members sample coffee and take notes


The event begins with a dry coffee sampling round, where group members smell different coffee beans and note their best pick.

Then, a brewed coffee tasting round takes place. In this caffeine-filled sampling, coffee enthusiasts take little sips of various coffee cups – using spoons – and look out for distinct features in these freshly-brewed coffee selections.

A devoted coffee connoisseur explained to me the characteristics that make up a good cup of coffee. These mainly include; the body, the acidity level, the smoothness and ease to drink, and the taste.


One of a variety of roast samples
One of a variety of roast samples


Coffee comes in a variety of diverse flavours. These include nutty, floral, citrusy, or with a hint of lime or fruit.

The fun and engaging event ends with a vote for the best coffee on the table by the group members. The winning brew is then served to all participants.

Matt Toogood – who also collaborates with Matthew Wade, Founder of Sabado Coffee Club – emphasises the fact that it is a non-commercial event that allows people to learn about the various coffee options – apart from the big brand names and franchises.


Turkish coffee brewing at the event
Turkish coffee brewing at the event


The Club’s next coffee tasting experience takes place on Saturday, the 6th of December. The event starts from 12 pm and goes on for two hours. It will be hosted at “The Magazine Shop” in the DIFC area.


Anabelle de Gersigny, Co-editor of fat Nancy's new diet
Anabelle de Gersigny, Co-editor of fat Nancy’s new diet


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