UD Review: Sri Sri Fit Yoga at Yoga Ashram

Meditation at Yoga Ashram Dubai
Meditation at Yoga Ashram Dubai


I think when you live in a highly fast-paced city like Dubai, you find it challenging to take time off of your busy schedule to relax and simply do nothing. We’re always running to get to work or school, to our next meeting, to run errands…Our minds are forever occupied with thoughts of the next task or activity on our to-do lists. What I find ironic, is that even when I’m going out for a fun night or to catch up with friends, I find myself rushing while getting ready because there is never enough time for anything!

Luckily, I have Yoga Ashram located in the building right next to where I live 🙂 and if you live in the JLT or Marina area, then you can give them a visit too. What I like about this studio is its originality and authentic way of teaching classes. You’ll be able to tell that they genuinely care about their students and want them to benefit from the classes. These days, it’s very rare to find a fitness center who’s not only after profit and getting as many clients as they can to subscribe to their packages (I tend to run the other way from these kind of places).

I’ve been reviewing a couple of classes at Yoga Ashram before deciding which one I want to stick to. Here’s a link to the latest review.


Last Saturday, I went for a free meditation session followed by a Sri Sri Fit yoga class. The meditation session lasted for 35 minutes and it is offered free of charge for everyone. It was a guided form of meditation where we did some stress-releasing breathing techniques and listened to calming instructions from the instructor and a recorder.


Meditation at Yoga Ashram Dubai
Meditation at Yoga Ashram Dubai


Sri Sri Fit is a gentle form of yoga that’s based on breathing techniques and on holding postures for a short period of time.

It helps in relieving stress, anxiety and depression. And I can honestly say that the session was incredibly relaxing and regenerating. I even went into sleep mode for a few seconds in the middle of the session! What I mostly liked about this type of yoga was that its moves were gentle yet highly effective. All the stretching, lifting and even laughing out loudly to relieve stress made wonders to how we all felt after the class. Add to that, the fact that the instructor who teaches this class is one of the owners of Yoga Ashram. So you are guaranteed to a fun and enjoyable class from the experts at the studio.


If you want to take a break from the busy and hectic modern city life, then I recommend that you give Yoga Ashram’s classes a try. These people truly know what they are doing, and are not in it for the profit only. Honestly, if I didn’t have tons of responsibilities and commitments, I would definitely make it a ritual to visit that studio regularly. Who knows, maybe once I’m done with my undergraduate journalism course, I will be a devoted yogi 🙂


Follow them on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/yogashramJLT

Or contact them through the method that suits you best:

Yoga Ashram JLT
1504, Jumeirah Bay X3,
JLT, Dubai,
PO BOX 261301, UAE
Tel: +9714 – 3609028
Email: [email protected]


Meditation at Yoga Ashram Dubai
Meditation at Yoga Ashram Dubai

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