Majestic Muscat: Amazing Crowne Plaza Muscat Breakfast!



One of the remarkable things at the Crowne Plaza Muscat is the breakfast buffet at Tropicana restaurant. Honestly, even the 5-star property hotels can’t match this vast and fresh breakfast spread. The extensive breakfast buffet is served from 6 until 10:30 am on weekdays, and ends at 11:30 am on weekends.

A wide selection of all the possible breakfast variations that anyone might think of is included in the Crowne Plaza muscat breakfast buffet.

With different corners for Arabic, Asian, and Western types of breakfast, prepare to be spoiled for choices and confused as to what to have!

There’s even a pancake machine, coffee machine, and a live cooking station where a chef will make your eggs the way you like to have them.

No matter what your ethnic background or country of origin is, rest assured that there will definitely be something at the Crowne Plaza Muscat buffet to satisfy your palate.

All the staff at this hotel are extremely friendly, well experienced and highly professional individuals. So, having breakfast every day on my own didn’t make me feel awkward or anything. Instead, I felt at home and truly enjoyed my little chats and casual conversations with the breakfast restaurant staff members.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the breakfast buffet options at Crowne Plaza Muscat…

Pancake Machine at Crowne Plaza Muscat Breakfast
Pancake Machine at Crowne Plaza Muscat Breakfast


Coffee Machine
Coffee Machine


Asian corner condiment table
Asian corner condiment table


Fruit Selection at Crowne Plaza Muscat breakfast
Fruit Selection at Crowne Plaza Muscat breakfast


fresh fruits at the Crowne Plaza Muscat breakfast buffet
fresh fruits at the Crowne Plaza Muscat breakfast buffet














Being a huge foodie and a true breakfast lover, I was taking my time in having breakfast every day…and in a failed attempt to avoid over-eating (which I must admit that I did during my Muscat trip), I decided to have a delicious freshly made vegetarian omelet on one day, and an Arabic breakfast of “foul” (fava beans) on another 🙂  Not to mention the fresh salad that I would team up with my “foul” day. I know, I’m such a nerd that I even plan what to have for breakfast….

I truly miss the wonderful and fresh breakfast buffet selection at Crowne Plaza Muscat. I was so craving a hearty breakfast this morning, but I decided to stay at home to write this post with a reliable wi-fi connection. All I had was a banana for breakfast, so you can imagine how much I would love to indulge in a Crowne Plaza Muscat breakfast at this very moment…

Stay tuned to this blog for the next post from my Muscat trip…hint: it involves some souvenir shopping and traditional souk hopping 🙂

In the meantime, you can check out my previous Muscat post at the famous Barr Al Jissah.



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